The Story Behind
Thomas Lee Sheets

Our Story Begins with a Problem


Fifteen years ago, we began searching for cotton percale sheets like the ones we grew up with; cool, crisp, and the kind that gets softer over time.  We couldn’t find any we wanted to put on our beds; too thin, too scratchy, full of chemicals, the list went on and on.  Thomas Lee Sheets wasn’t born overnight, and ours isn’t a story where we had a great idea, and six months later, our product was on the shelf at a retailer.    We didn’t want to make sheets that just felt great; we also wanted to make sheets we felt great about making, and thus began Thomas Lee Sheets.

First, we found the absolute best US-grown cotton in the Southwestern United States.  When we looked for a manufacturing partner, our search took us overseas to India, where we found a woman-owned textile manufacturer who worked with us to create our hand-crafted, small-batch, cotton percale.  After several months of trial and error, we couldn’t get the feel and quality sheets we wanted with a standard textile manufacturing process. The sheets were coarse; the process wasn’t energy efficient; there were too many chemicals.  It was everything we didn’t want to be.

So we started over.

We reimagined the textile manufacturing process from start to finish.  We eliminated harsh chemicals, we started using wind-power and recycled rainwater, we tore down the entire manufacturing floor, we focused on quality without compromising our ethical or product standards, and the result was our signature percale bedding.

Our sheets feel different than anything else you’ve put on your bed because they are.

Once a year, our manufacturing partner breaks down her entire manufacturing floor and assembles a looming floor to meet our exacting standards.  Seamstresses are brought in to finish our sheets by hand, making them both luxurious and durable. Every person who touches our sheets during the manufacturing process is important and should be well cared for, so free onsite medical care and school is available to all manufacturing employees.

The end result is the cool and crisp percale bedding Thomas Lee customers have loved for over a decade, and the peace of mind in knowing when we put our heads down on our percale pillowcases at night, we’ve built a business the right way.  While the times and how we do business has changed over the years, our percale and standards haven’t.  Today Thomas Lee’s operations team is comprised entirely of mothers who work from the comfort of their homes and are scattered all over the globe.  We still partner with the same woman-owned, textile manufacturer in India, we now support over 5,000 US cotton farms, and our warehousing and shipping partner is a multi-generational, woman-owned business as well.

The quality of our bedding speaks for itself, and we stand behind our percale.

It’s important to us that we’re able to sleep well because of how cool and crisp our sheets feel, and because we’ve responsibly and ethically made a great product. Our sheets feel different because they are different. They’re thoughtfully made, held to high standards, and sheets that not only feel great, they’re sheets you can feel great about buying.

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