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Soft Cotton Percale Sheets

Signature cotton percale 500 thread count sheets made from 100% Pima Cotton.  Shop Now

Duvet Covers

Lightweight, airy, and luxurious cotton percale duvet covers and comforters. Shop Now

Goose Down Comforters

Plush and lofty all season Hungarian Goose Down Comforters. Shop Now

The Thomas Lee Sheets Difference

Better, More Comfortable Sleep

Our 100% US-grown Supima cotton is transformed into the softest, 500 thread count cotton sheets from the strongest & finest fibers available.

Sustainable and Responsible

Sleep easy knowing we responsibly produce our sheets through a women-owned and operated business, using wind power and recycled rainwater.

Crisp Cotton Percale Sheets

Our light and airy bedding is perfect for year-round use, and particularly well suited for summer nights and hot sleepers.

Reviews From Our Customers

Not My First Purchase

I decided to give my guests the same sheets that I enjoy. I don't like sateen, and some percale are too thin and too crisp. These Thomas Lee sheets are the closest I can find to the percale that my mother and grandmother had. Interestingly, a lot of those older percale were also a blend and therefore less wrinkled. We have come to associate a blend with cheap sheets, but accomplishing a blend that mimicked those would be a fabulous accomplishment!

Beverly C., 6/2/2020 Verified Buyer

Simply Wonderful

The sheets are amazing. Cool, Crisp, nice weight. Everything we were looking for in a sheet set. I order from several other companies and nothing else compares to Thomas Lee the other brands were returned. You won’t be disappointed.

Ann G., 6/1/2020

Fits the mattress well

Fits the mattress well and very comfortable.

James D., 5/31/2020 Verified Buyer

FANTASTIC QUALITY. Worth every penny.

I've tried various brands of pricey sheets, but Thomas Lee percale sheets are approaching perfection. If you are looking for percale, I don't think there's a better quality sheet out there at any price. The quality of the fabric easily stacks up to pricier options from various Italian makers or a particular American brand that sells 450TC Supima at three times the price. Thomas Lee sheets will last far, far longer than cheaper sheets so Thomas Lee is an economic choice. They are substantial and thickness without being too thick (like some uber-luxury 700+ TC sateen sheets which feel closer to a high quality twill even though I know they are woven from single-ply thread). They do wrinkle and feel crisp but also have a very smooth and soft feeling against the skin. The annoying paper crispy scratchy feeling is not there. It is a substantial soft-crisp feeling. It's hard to describe until you sleep on one. At times, I feel like my body is on sateen because of the softness of these high quality sheets. The stitching is flawless. My luxurious Supima sateen sheets made in Portugal (thankfully bought them years ago because I've seen a decline in quality in recent products) which cost multiples the price of Thomas Lee sheets do have more stitches per inch than the TL. But I have no doubt the Thomas Lee sheets will hold up as my prior ones did. I will not buy any other Percale bedding as long as Thomas Lee continues to sell these amazing sheets without degradation in quality. I wash all my nice sheets with cold water on the bedding setting of my HE washer with plant-based detergent and I always line-dry them.

Joe, 5/26/2020 Verified Buyer

They are the best sheets

Seven plus years ago I purchased a set of your percale sheets. They are the best sheets I have ever owned & they are still in perfect shape. However, I am getting a new mattress & decided it is time to buy another set of your percale sheets for my new bed. I know that I will be just as happy with them as I am with my first set & now I will have a backup set. Many thanks for your excellent quality sheets.

Ann S., 5/23/2020 Verified Buyer


Excellent “hand”, silky smooth yet substantial. Cool to sleep in, for this hot sleeper. Everything one would want in quality sheets. These will give the Westin sheets a run for their money.

Priscilla M., 5/21/2020 Verified Buyer

The Everything Woman

“You’re amazing.” Our CEO, Elizabeth Zook, has set a course for Thomas Lee Sheets to find and to recognize special women across the globe. In home, in work, in life. Learn More

Percale Cotton Sheet Sets

Our classic sheets are hand-sewn with 12 stitches to the inch our signature cotton percale weave. 


Deep Sheet Pockets

Longer and deeper pockets mean you can roll, toss, and turn all night long. 


High Thread Count Sheets

Created with comfort in mind, our best-selling 500 thread count sheets keep you cool on warm nights and warm on cool nights.



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The Everything Woman

“You’re amazing.” Our CEO, Elizabeth Zook, has set a course for Thomas Lee Sheets to find and to recognize special women across the globe. In home, in work, in life. Learn More

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