Sleep Well: The Best Sheets For Summer Sleep

June 10, 2020

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. The heat that comes with those long-awaited summer months can ruin your sleep schedule and leave you feeling anything but rested. 

But, did you know that there are scientific reasons why you may struggle so much more to fall asleep in the summer than you do in the winter? Sleep specialist, David Brodner, explained several factors that negatively impact our summer sleep. For one, we are stimulated by sunlight much later in the day throughout the summer than we are in the winter. As a result of this, the body’s circadian rhythm (AKA, our natural sleep cycle) is set back drastically.

Another major difficulty: you guessed it…heat! 

percale sheets
Cool, crisp, percale sheets.

The best temperature for sleeping is said to be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Even with the magic of air conditioning, that temperature can be difficult to reach, especially with all that time you’re spending outside throughout your day. It’s hard to cool down by bedtime!

But our secret to a cool and comfortable summer sleep is actually simple — percale sheets. 

You may be saying to yourself, “I’ve heard of percale sheets, but I honestly have no idea what they actually are.”

Well, don’t fret, because we already did all the research on percale sheets so that you don’t have to.  Enough with the small talk – read ahead to find everything that you need to know when shopping for your perfect summer sheets.

The Basics — What are Percale Sheets?

The word “percale” refers not to the material which a sheet is made of, but to a type of weave used within a fabric. Percale sheets utilize a tightly woven, one-under-one-over pattern. This weave creates a uniquely smooth texture on both sides of the fabric, so it’s no surprise that many people describe these sheets as possessing a certain “hotel quality.”

The majority of percale sheets are made of cotton (including those sold by Thomas Lee), while some are blended with other various fabrics. But no matter the fabric, percale sheets are always characterized by their crisp and clean feel. Because of their balanced weave, these sheets have a lightweight and breathable quality that is ideal for sleeping through a hot and humid July night. And the cherry on top? The matte appearance of percale sheets will add a chic and elegant element to your bedroom.

Comparisons — What Makes Percale Sheets So Different Than Sateen Sheets?

When shopping for bedding, many customers are lost while deciding between percale and sateen sheets. These sheets have a different feel from one another due to one seemingly simple factor: the way they are woven.

Percale sheets have a one-under-one-over weave. Meanwhile, sateen sheets typically have a three-under-one-over weave. To understand more clearly, here is a graphic made by Peacock Alley that may clear up any possible confusion:

Because of the sateen’s uneven distribution of threads, these sheets are shiny, silky, and often compared to satin. And while sateen sheets certainly have their benefits, these sheets can be less than ideal when it comes to sleeping through a hot summer night. Because of their weave, sateen sheets are generally thicker, giving them a warmer and heavier feel on your skin than percale sheets would. 

Not to mention, sateen sheets lie very closely to your body, and as a result, tend to trap in body heat. There’s no question that these sheets can be beneficial for the frigid months of fall and winter, but by the time summer rolls around? If you want to survive the heat, it’s time to change out your sateen sheets and swap them for something a bit more airy and crisp, like Thomas Lee’s percale sheets.

Durability — How Reliable are Percale Sheets?

Many people are hesitant to buy a second pair of sheets just for the summer months. And while crisp percale can certainly be used year-round, this thought is completely understandable.

But the wonderful thing about percale sheets is that they last. Percale sheets are not a replace-every-year type of purchase. Because of their criss-cross pattern, these cool sheets are far less likely than other sheets to pill over time and get softer with every wash. That means once you buy a set, they will provide you with years of restful nights.

Why it Matters – Should I Invest in Quality Percale Sheets?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of percale and considered its main competitor let’s talk about why purchasing percale sheets is worth the investment.

Ivory percale sheets

Why should I invest in percale sheets?

A study by The Sleep Matters Club found that, on average, we spend 33 years in bed. But here’s the catch, only 26 of those years in bed are spent sleeping…the other seven years are spent merely trying to fall asleep. Clearly, sleep is a huge part of every person’s life, and we want to make sure none of your valuable time is spent tossing and turning as you struggle to get a good night’s rest. 

Having quality, cool, and comfortable sheets for the summertime could have a much more dramatic effect on you and your family than you realize. More restful nights lead to more energized and purpose-filled days! Investing in a quality percale sheet set could mean more restful, cool sleep. When we spend so much of our lives in bed, it only makes sense to invest in that time with luxurious sheets that improve your sleep. At Thomas Lee Sheets, we guarantee that the high-quality percale sheets we sell will exceed your highest expectations.  If you do not agree that these 100% cotton sheets are the finest you have ever owned, return them to us within 30 days after the date of purchase for a full refund of your purchase price.

What Thomas Lee Offers

So now that you’ve learned so much about percale sheets, maybe you’re interested in purchasing some for yourself and or guests that will be visiting as the summer weather kicks in.

Thomas Lee Sheets sells a variety of different percale sheets, available in different sizes and in white and ivory. These 500 thread count sheets are luxurious, beautiful, made with 100% US-grown Pima cotton, and sure to change the way you look at sleep this summer.

Sleep is immensely important for both your physical and mental health. Without a good night’s sleep, you simply cannot get the most out of your day. Investing in quality percale sheets may be the solution you’ve been seeking for your summer sleep predicament. The criss-cross weave of percale is the secret to a cool and crisp bed that is sure to leave you and your family feeling well-rested, energized, and ready to take on all of your favorite summer endeavors. 

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