Tips and tricks that'll have you counting sheep

Tips and tricks that'll have you counting sheep

If your New Year’s resolution involved better sleep, then you have come to the right place! Here are some tips to help you on your sleep journey:

Sleep begets sleep. Make your sleep schedule as consistent as possible and always make it a priority.

It takes the average adult six hours to metabolize caffeine, so try limiting your afternoon caffeine intake.

Blue light, the light waves released from technology, are a hindrance to circadian rhythms because blue lights are designed to keep us alert! Since they suppress the ability to produce natural melatonin, try cutting down on screens two hours before bed. If you cannot, invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

Establish some relaxing rituals an hour or so before bed. Perhaps incorporate some self-massage and chamomile tea to the ritual. Chamomile tea has proven to help people relax, as well as valerian or catnip (which has the opposite effect on humans than cats!). Using a gua shua tool or handheld massager before bedtime can help ease tension in the muscles that can inhibit sleep.

Another way to relax before bedtime is to meditate, practice mindfulness or journal. There are several apps that can help you begin this journey.

Beds are made for sleeping, not working. Working in your bed creates a vibe of productivity instead of restfulness. It also does nothing for your posture, which can lead to back and neck pain, which affect sleep as well.

To that point, you need to make your bed as relaxing as possible. Keeping your bed distraction- free and adding sustainable, luxurious, Thomas Lee products to the bed is a recipe for sleep success!

Happy Sleeping!

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