A Guide to Down

A Guide to Down

Down is everywhere, from pillows, mattress toppers, and comforters to coats.  Down is the undercoat of ducks and geese and can be the ultimate in softness and warmth. Yet even with all the versatility and benefits of down, it can be difficult to know how to select the right pieces.

What makes down a good investment? What should you look for when shopping for it?

In short, look for quality construction and materials and the right down for your lifestyle.

Quality construction is our ethos.

One complaint with down pillows and comforters is that they can lose volume over time. Lower quality down bedding can lose its shape, ergo, its form and function. It can also lose filling or cause the texture to become less than ideal.

Thomas Lee Sheets uses a baffle box construction, which creates little compartments for the fill. This technique ensures that the comforters don’t lose their shape. Our pillows employ double-stitched piping to retain shape and prevent loss or the dreaded poking. We use thoroughly washed down to reduce allergens or sensitivities over time.

Fill power and thread counts are key.

Fill power can help you determine the right pillow for your sleeping comfort.

Fill power measures the size of the down clusters. The higher the fill power, the larger the clusters, which means the fluffier and better quality the item is. We offer pillows in both 650 and 750 fill power so that you can have the firmness you desire without sacrificing softness or comfort.

Down isn’t just for winter, either. Even if you live in a more temperate climate, you can still enjoy bedding made of down, you will just need to look for different weights for your comforter. If you live in a colder climate, you may prefer a winter-weight comforter, whereas if you live in a warmer climate, you should consider an all-weather-weight one instead. You won’t have to sacrifice luxury for practicality.

Like with sheets, thread counts of the fabric that covers the down are important to consider when shopping for down. While the industry standard for down covers is 200 to 250, Thomas Lee Sheets uses 330 thread count, cotton sateen covers on both pillows and comforters. Not only does this provide a smooth texture, but it also prevents loss and uneven distribution.

Why does Thomas Lee use Hungarian down?

Just as important as construction is the quality of materials.

Hungarian down is the epitome of luxury and warmth. Hungary has a thriving goose industry and even has its own regulating body, ensuring its legacy in the industry continues. These pieces hold their shape well because their clusters are larger and rounder than others, ensuring proper insulation without heaviness.

Thomas Lee offers many luxurious Hungarian down options, including pillows, a winter weight comforter, and an all-season weight comforter.

How to care for down?

There is a misconception that down is difficult to care for and protect. This is not the case. Down is actually more low maintenance than you might think. It is all contingent on protecting your pieces and not over-washing them.

The best way to protect your down investment pieces is by covering them. Duvet covers and pillowcases are the best way to do this. Duvet covers and shams can also provide you with a way to change up your décor according to the season or preferences without having to replace the down comforter or pillows underneath.

Down does not need to be laundered often; in fact, less is more. It is recommended to clean down only if soiled or once every 5 to 7 years!

When shopping for quality down items, you can rest assured that Thomas Lee Sheets is offering the best in the industry.

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