Elizabeth's Holiday Gifting Guide

Elizabeth's Holiday Gifting Guide

Around the holidays, I’m often asked, “what are the best Thomas Lee products to give as gifts?” What do people really love to get? Which items are special? Everyone wants to give a special gift around the holidays, so here are my tried and true holiday gifts.

  1. Percale sheets – What can I say? They’re a favorite for a reason! It doesn’t matter how great your mattress is; if you aren’t sleeping on the right sheets, you’re not getting a proper night’s rest. I love that our percale sheets sleep at the perfect temperature, no matter the season and that they get softer over time. Percale sheets are a gift that will be used and loved for years to come!
  2. Granny Blankets – I love to give these to kids and teens. It may not sound like an exciting gift, but even teenage boys want a soft blanket on the couch. I also hear they’re perfect for gaming on cold nights and girly sleepover parties. We even have one young gentleman of particularly discriminating taste who chose our Granny as his blankie!
  3. Down Mattress Pad – They are great for just about anyone! From newlyweds who are just starting out to grandparents who have aching joints, a down mattress pad is heavenly. It’s one of those little touches that really elevate your bed’s comfort level.
  4. Bamboo Sheets – The difference between our Bamboo and Percale sheets is the feel. Both are made with the same attention to quality and care, but the Bamboo sheets have a silkier feel. Percale feels like a broken-in button-down shirt, and Bamboo sheets are more like a silk slip.
  5. Gift Cards– They’re quick, easy, and always appreciated! I love that our gift cards are digital, so in the event Santa forgot someone on her list, she can always pop upstairs to the computer!

So there you have it, my favorite gifts! The real key to giving a good gift is solving a problem. Achy back? Down mattress pad. Teenager on a travel baseball team? The Granny for bus trips. You get the drift. Happy holiday shopping!

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