The Most Popular Things To Do in Bed (Besides That!)

The Most Popular Things To Do in Bed (Besides That!)

You do more than just sleep in your bed and for good reason. There is a plethora of other enjoyable activities to do in bed. Scientists say that you should only sleep in your bed, but we beg to differ!

Binging Netflix

Imagine coming home after a long day knowing that Netflix is now streaming the newest season of your favorite show. There’s nothing in the world like changing into comfy clothes, climbing into bed and binging Netflix for the rest of the night.


Most health and wellness experts frown upon eating in bed. But, to us, food just tastes better when you’re curled up in your cozy bed. We may not be health and wellness experts but we are aficionados when it comes to the finer things in life and eating in bed is most certainly a finer thing.

Cuddling with Your Pet

Sometimes, the most relaxing thing in the world is to get cuddled up in a ball in bed with your pet. Pet snuggles are the sweetest and it’s a great way to nurture the bond between you and your furry friend.

Texting/Surfing the Web

Whether you’re texting, playing Tune Blast or surfing the web, screen time is very common in the bedroom nowadays. It may not be the most productive use of your time but it’s a great way to zone out and unwind for a little while. 

Listening to Music

Whether you’re jumping on the bed to your latest hits playlist, head banging to some 90’s grunge or relaxing to some reggae, listening to music in bed is an activity most everyone enjoys. Plus, if you like to listen to music as you fall asleep, Spotify features a bevy of sleep playlists for you to choose from. 

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