Mother's Day in Bed

Mother's Day in Bed
As the average person, you spend 33 years in bed, 26 years sleeping and seven years just trying to reach the end of counting those elusive sheep that keep multiplying in number, every time you try to get some shut-eye. So, you spend an entire generation in bed, and if you are one of three children, it stands to reason that your mom has spent nearly a generation awake tending to all of you. In 2007, it was reported that mothers got less than four hours of sleep a night, much less than their husbands; that was less than half of what their mothers got. In fact, a parent loses up to six hours of sleep per child on top of the seven years spent trying to get to sleep. Even in mid-life, women over 40 have more trouble falling asleep. For the supermoms raising new generations on little sleep, Mother's Day is the perfect time to sleep well and spend the whole day in bed with the help of these stellar tips.

Make Mom Breakfast in Bed

Not only can Mom have dessert for breakfast, but she can have dessert over breakfast! We're big fans of this recipe for Bananas Foster Topped Overnight French Toast. That's right. This decadent, gooey-good recipe is ripened overnight and ready to go for Mom in the morning. Plus, Mom gets a little rum in the mix. Don't forget the coffee! It's the perfect pairing, whether she likes hazelnut or mocha! And don't worry, our Percale is an everyday luxury, So, if Mom spills something you can do a quick load of washing for her and everything is as good as new.

Mother's day

Prepare a Sleep-In Sanctuary For Mom

It is all about the cozy bedding, the perfect plush blanket, and the soft pajamas and robe, but most importantly the silk pillowcase. Many celebrities swear by silk pillowcases as they promote nourished skin by allowing the skin to retain its natural moisture. On top of that, silk pillowcases like ours reduce hair frizz and breakage and may prevent wrinkles because they do not bunch up and leave those annoying marks all over the face! Buy her a cute llamacorn eye mask, and let the dreamy-time magic happen! What else will make Mom's sleep-in sanctuary perfect? Aside from all things soft, plush, and fabric, do not forget Mom's favorite candy, shows, and addictive reads!

Let Mom Enjoy a Great Book in Bed

The one thing you have to be careful with about a good book is those page-turning cliffhangers at the end of every chapter. Okay, we know the idea is to let Mom sleep in and enjoy a day in bed. BUT, hear us out! Goodreads has some great book selections, all about moms, too! Little ones can snuggle up with Mom for quality reading time and impress her with those stellar reading skills. We recommend pairing her book of choice with a granny or herringbone throw, depending on if Mom is always hot or cold.

No Movement Sleep-In Spa Day

Imagine Mom all bundled up in bed listening to her favorite podcast as she lies back in an easy-peel cleansing face mask in avocado, citrine, or mint complete with cucumbers on the eyes. A large bowl filled with hot water and relaxing herbs, such as lavender, makes for an easy at-home facial steam recipe; just be ready with the warm towel. Many stores have affordable one-use at-home spa samples to try, and these are perfect to put in a sleep-in spa gift basket for Mom to open, following her breakfast and reading session. Go the extra mile by taking massage classes or having a massage therapist conduct an in-home visit to give Mom's muscles the therapeutic break they deserve. Follow up with a simple manicure or pedicure.

Sleeping in

Sip Mom-mosas at Virtual Brunch

Mom can don her most elegant day robe for the event of the sleep-in brunch season! Send out mimosa recipes, like our favorite one here, ahead of time to family memories to enjoy time together from afar.Who says Mom can't have "ME" time and family time whenever SHE chooses? The answer is: Mom always knows best. And for the best Mom, nothing compares to a gift from the heart and a nice day in bed with all her favorite things, including soft pajamas, silky sheets, and cozy cuddles with the little ones. Give us a shout if you need any more tips!

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