The Low-Down on Down

The Low-Down on Down

Looking to take the comfort of your bed from ordinary to extraordinary? It might be time to consider a down pillow. Down is that magical bedding element, offering the perfect balance of unimaginably soft and impossibly supportive at the same time. If you’re trying to decide which down pillow is right for you, here is the low-down on down.

Fill Power

First things first: fill power represents the quality of the down, not the firmness. The higher the fill power, the bigger the clusters of down, the fluffier the pillow, and the rarer the down used to make the pillow. We offer two down pillows with a 650+ and 750+ fill power, respectively.  Both are made from truly luxurious down, with the 750+ fill power being the rarer of the two.

Hungarian goose down pillows

Why does Thomas Lee only offer Hungarian down?

This is one of those little details that most people don’t know. Hungary is one of the few remaining places in Europe with a thriving goose farming industry. The climate is perfect for geese; not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter, which results in the beautiful down Hungary is known for. In fact, down is such an important part of Hungary’s economy that they have regulatory bodies set up to certify if down is Hungarian.

Why does thread count matter when buying a pillow?

Once you’ve invested in your Hungarian goose down, you’ll want to protect it. A higher thread count keeps down from getting out and impurities from getting in.  A high thread count for pillows is between 200-250.  You can expect a 330 thread count from Thomas Lee because we’re passionate about the little details like that. Our pillows--like all of our bedding options--are built to last.

Hungarian goose down pillows

What if I’m allergic to down?

It happens! If that’s the case, a down alternative pillow is the way to go. We want our down alternative pillows to have the same comfort as our down-filled options, so ours are made with a micro-denier fiber. Because it’s a micro, the fiber inside the pillow gives it an airy weight, downy feel, and soft texture.

What about my sleeping position?

If you’re a stomach sleeper, we recommend our Soft Hungarian Down Pillow.  Back or side sleepers might sleep more comfortably with our Medium Hungarian Down Pillow or our down alternative.

No matter your preference, we know you’ll sleep well.

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