What does Oeko-Tex Certified Mean?

What does Oeko-Tex Certified Mean?
Thomas Lee has been certified through Oeko-Tex since 1992 because we care about making beautiful, percale bedding that is held to the highest standards.

What is Oeko-Tex certification?

Oeko-Tex is an independent testing and certification system that tests textiles in all stages of manufacturing to ensure human health and safety as well as the Earth’s. Oeko-Tex institutes monitor textiles to make sure that they are free of over 100 nasty, harmful chemicals that other bedding may contain and other bodies are not regulating. It is more than just which chemicals are used or not used that make a difference. To make a difference, manufacturing also needs to be sustainable and socially responsible. Oeko-Tex is a voluntary certification that is more stringent than required by most governments. It tests products through all stages of the manufacturing lifecycle, from raw materials to finished product. They must determine the optimal handling of wastewater and emissions, chemical management, waste management, and fair working conditions. This certification must be renewed every year.

US grown Supima cotton cupped in hands

Where does Thomas Lee Sheets fit in?

Most “big brand” bedding contains problematic heavy metals, Azo dyes, which can be carcinogens, pesticides used in the growing stage that can be hazardous to skin, and formaldehyde used in anti-wrinkle treatment. Yes, that formaldehyde. The one that is used in embalming. Shudder. Thomas Lee’s percale isn’t wrinkle-resistant, and that is okay. That means formaldehyde wasn’t used and your pretty face isn’t resting on a formaldehyde-soaked pillowcase night in and night out! We also stick to the timeless classics, white and ivory, eliminating the need for harsh dyes which also carry heavy chemicals you want to avoid.

Unprocessed US grown Supima cotton

It is about the difference.

Oeko-Tex certification isn’t only about chemicals. Since Thomas Lee only uses USA-grown, never-treated Pima cotton and our percale is manufactured using wind power and recycled rainwater, you can bet that our planet was not harmed in the process. Not only unharmed but made a little better. Thomas Lee is a woman-owned business that hired a woman-owned textile manufacturer in India who pays her workers a fair wage and takes care of them, both medically and academically. The manufacturing process is as important as the finished product, which is why we use wind power and recycled water. It is not just about making the best sheets. It is about making a difference.

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