Getting A Good Night's Sleep In A Loud City

Getting A Good Night's Sleep In A Loud City

Sometimes you just can’t escape the noise of a busy city. Sirens zipping by, rowdy party-goers wandering the streets, neighbors working on their home improvement projects at odd hours of the night… you may have even chosen that unfortunate apartment complex with ultra-thin walls. Whatever it may be, noise is all around us, and these little distractions can have a big impact on your sleep patterns. To guarantee a good night’s sleep in the middle of a bustling city, try these simple suggestions that can make a huge difference.

Moving furniture

Move your Furniture

If it’s an option, start by moving your furniture. Shift your bed to the other side of the room if the noise is drifting in your window. If you can hear your roommate through paper-thin walls, try moving your bed to the opposite wall, space permitting. You might be surprised by the tremendous difference a small change can make. 

Purchase Insulation

And by insulation, we mean thick fabric. Are you on top of a noisy apartment? Consider adding a thick rug that will insulate the floor and block out some of the unwanted noise. If you determine your windows are the culprit, add thicker drapes to help block some of the sound. You might also want to consider using an insulating foam to seal any window or door gaps that might be letting in street noise and keeping you from a peaceful rest.

Too loud to sleep

White Noise

Don’t forget that white noise can be a miracle worker in a loud city. Try the hum of a box fan in the summer or a heater in the winter. The gentle rumble is so strangely soothing that plenty of people have added sound machines to their list of must-haves to make it through the night. Not only do these small bedside appliances work wonders to help you relax and block out noise, but you can also fall asleep to the soothing sounds of rain, birds, or ocean waves, all in the comfort of your bedroom. Some even offer a gradual wake-up feature, complete with sounds from nature. What a great way to start the day!

Of course, you can also lean into the technology at your fingertips and even download white noise apps on your smart devices. A white noise app is a great sleep-aid option, featuring calm, relaxing noises. Unavoidably loud outside? You might want to add earplugs or headphones.

When you find yourself on the receiving end of a busy city’s noise pollution, ultimately, it’s your sleep that suffers. Give the ideas above a try to get back to sleep, and remember, Thomas Lee can help, too. Our luxury bedding soothes your tired body and helps you settle in for a comfortable rest. So, close the curtains, turn up the white noise, and have sweet dreams!

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