Do You Say Linens, Sheets, Or Bedding? A Glossary For Bedding Terms

Do You Say Linens, Sheets, Or Bedding? A Glossary For Bedding Terms

It’s amazing (and maybe a little bit confusing) that there are so many different terms for bedding. Sheets and linens are the jargon most of us are most familiar with, but maybe you prefer bedclothes or even eiderdown. Here are a few lesser-known luxury linen terms to pepper into your day-to-day conversation. No matter what, you’ll sound like someone who knows how to get a good night’s sleep!

Bedstead – The total framework of a bed, including the box spring.

Bedstead example

Bolster – A long cylindrical pillow, typically used for decoration but sometimes for back support.

Boudoir Pillows (or Breakfast Pillows) – Small, decorative, rectangular pillows.

Counterpane – A bedspread typically used without a dust ruffle because it generally sweeps down to the floor.

Coverlet – A bedspread, quilt, or duvet, usually lighter in weight and intended for decorative purposes.

Eiderdown – A down comforter, which traditionally contained feathers from the eider duck. (Now, it can refer to any sort of down comforter.)

Bedroom with down comforter

European or Continental Pillow – A large square pillow placed against the headboard and used as a backdrop for sleeping pillows.

Neck Roll – A decorative cylindrical pillow, smaller than a bolster and usually used for decoration.

Trundle – A small bed that is often rolled away and stored under another bed.

Valance – Also known as a dust ruffle or bed skirt.

So whether you prefer a bolster or a Continental pillow on your bedstead dressed in an eiderdown, you can surprise your friends with some expert vocabulary from the world of bedding the next time you’re chatting about luxury linens.

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