Updating Your Bedroom for Spring

Updating Your Bedroom for Spring
Spring is right around the corner, and if you're looking for ways to shift your home decor to reflect the changing seasons, you aren't alone. We've put together this super quick and simple guide to updating your bedroom for spring's arrival. Read on to find out more about how you can make a few small changes to have a big impact on your space.

Use light colors

Light colors do more than just bring in a new spring mood-- they can help a room seem bigger and airier too! This is the perfect opportunity to give your bedroom a facelift and bring in some soft colors. A white bed makes for an instant classic-- and it's bright and springy, as well. Our favorite spring bed? Percale sheets with a down alternative comforter tucked inside a percale duvet cover. Remember: spring is a time of rebirth and renewal outdoors. You can bring that same concept inside to totally transform your space with the seasons. Lighter, brighter colors will help usher in the changing weather.

Turn to fresh flowers

It only takes adding a floral arrangement to the nightstand or dresser to help transform a room. You can even opt for flowers with traditionally relaxing scents (like lavender). The potential for fresh flowers is virtually limitless. You can create large, eye-catching bouquets that serve as the centerpiece of your room, but you can put together a small, understated bud vase to add a little character just as easily. Your local florist is likely overflowing with the bounty of spring-- and you can always head outside to grab a few blooms, too.

Use lighter fabrics

Thomas Lee's percale sheets are light and breathable. So, when it's time to put away the heavy winter blankets, consider opting for specialty fabrics like percale that are designed for comfort in warmer weather. If you can't stand to get rid of your big, comfy bedding-- we get it. Fluffy bed lovers should try out our down alternative comforter with a percale duvet cover. It's the perfect way to maintain coziness while you go lightweight. Lighter fabrics can help a room feel more spacious. It's almost like giving your bedroom a paint job-- but you're only adding new colors to your bed! Try layering whites with softer colors to give depth and dimension to the space.

Switch out your throw pillows

This is an easy one! It's lots of fun if you like to shop for new decor, too. You can switch out your throw pillows for springier options once the seasons start to change. Try to think about the other steps you're taking in the room when you choose pillows, things like your color scheme, the fabrics you're using, etc. Your pillows should flow with the rest of your room effortlessly.

Add a live plant

A little flower arrangement is a beautiful way to spruce up your bedroom for spring, but a live plant is an excellent way to add some greenery long-term. There are even plants that are particularly good at filtering air! You can get one to help keep the dust bunnies at bay once your spring cleaning has started.

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