What is the Difference Between Egyptian Cotton & Pima Cotton?

What is the Difference Between Egyptian Cotton & Pima Cotton?

The true difference between Egyptian Cotton and Supima Cotton is where they originate. True Egyptian cotton comes from the Nile River Valley, while Supima Cotton is grown in the United States. However, identifying if Egyptian cotton is authentic can be tricky because any cotton grown in Egypt can be labeled “Egyptian Cotton.”

The luxurious Egyptian Cotton sheets so many people love can only be considered true Egyptian cotton if it comes from the Nile River Valley. Unfortunately, aside from the feel of your sheets, there are not many ways to know for sure if your Egyptian Cotton sheets are 100% authentic.

Raw cotton

Both Supima Cotton and Egyptian Cotton are high-quality cotton which is why they are synonymous with luxury and comfort. Pima and Egyptian cotton are considered “extra-long-staple cotton,” which means they have silkier and longer fibers. These long and silky fibers are the reasons why sheets made from Supima or Egyptian cotton are so incredibly soft while being extremely durable. Both types of cotton aren’t prone to pilling, fraying, tearing, wrinkling, or fading.

Supima Cotton Sheets for Luxurious Sleep

For us, we decided to use Supima Cotton in our bedsheets. After extensive research, we found that Supima Cotton provided the level of comfort and durability we demand for our customers. Supima Cotton makes our sheets so comfortable, warm, cozy, and sturdy. Plus, we liked that Supima Cotton is grown right here in the United States.

“A good night’s sleep and incomparable comfort are two things we appreciate in life,” says Elizabeth Zook, owner of Thomas Lee Sheets. “That’s why we set out to make the world’s most comfortable sheets using the finest materials available. For us, the finest material is Supima Cotton.”

Our sheets, available in white or ivory, are beautiful and look stunning on your bed as icing on the cake. Once you sleep on Thomas Lee’s Supima Cotton sheets, you’ll quickly realize they are truly one of the finer things in life. So, there you have it. The difference between Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton. Click here to browse our collection of luxurious Pima Cotton sheets.

 Supima Cotton Egyptian Cotton
Extra-long and silky fibers
Resistant to pilling, fraying tearing, wrinkling and fading
Extra-strength fibers
Grown in the American Southwest

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