Zen Bedroom Ideas

Zen Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom should be your own personal oasis -- a space that makes you feel safe, relaxed, and rejuvenated. While most homeowners are eager to create living spaces that are stylish and warm, bedrooms can often get overlooked since guests rarely see them. Taking the time to design a bedroom that is not only attractive but calming is well worth the effort to get more rest, relieve stress, and pamper yourself on a daily basis. Check out these 5 simple tips to create the zen bedroom of your dreams.

Lose the Clutter

Before you begin selecting color palettes or browsing Pinterest for the perfect decor for the ultimate peaceful bedroom, it's important to get rid of any excess clutter that may be lingering in the space. If you do use an item regularly or it doesn't bring you joy, it's time to let it go. This is especially true for surfaces that you use frequently, such as bedside tables, vanities, and desks. To maximize the comfort and function of your bedroom, the more open space you have, the better. Getting rid of the belongings you no longer need may seem daunting. However, when your bedroom is clean, spacious, and distraction-free, you'll thank yourself for taking this step.

Keep Your Zen Bedroom Light

Table and floor lamps can add a cozy feel to your bedroom, but don't underestimate natural light. To allow as much natural light as possible flow into the space, keep window treatments simple. Rather than adorning your windows with heavy drapes that would block out sunshine, choose airy curtain panels or chic Roman shades that can easily be drawn up. For bedrooms with limited natural light, consider adding a mirror across from the window to maximize what light is available. Natural light sources paired with thoughtful, ambient, task, and accent lights are sure to make your bedroom feel balanced and relaxing.

Choose Neutral Tones

When it comes to designing a bedroom that exudes serenity and calmness, color matters. Save the bright accents and bold patterns for other living spaces and stick with cool neutrals for your zen bedrooms instead. Rather than strong reds and oranges that can be overstimulating in a bedroom, blues, greens, creams, and tans are better suited for lounge-worthy bedrooms. Keeping your wall color, bedding, and decor muted and simple will ensure that you instantly exhale every time you step foot in your relaxing bedroom.

Play With Texture

A neutral-toned, distraction-free bedroom doesn't have to be boring. An effortless way to keep your bedroom visually intriguing while still promoting tranquility is bringing in texture wherever possible. Consider incorporating texture into your bedroom with chunky baskets, hanging plants, or a cozy herringbone blanket. You may be surprised by the way a few textured pieces can instantly bring the whole room together.

Layer Like a Pro

To make a bold statement while still prioritizing calmness, layering fabrics along with textures and light sources helps. Start with the floor and work your way up. Start by choosing a fun area rug, then move to sheets, duvets, and pillows, followed by window treatments. Be sure to choose different types of fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and silk, to achieve a polished look.

Design a Zen Bedroom Today

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