What Sheets Do Luxury Hotels Use?

What Sheets Do Luxury Hotels Use?

If you want to recreate the luxurious, decadent feeling of sleeping in a five-star hotel bed at home, the secret is in the sheets. It all starts with adding the right bedding.

What Hotels Know

Do luxury hotels have a different list of requirements when buying sheets than the normal consumer?  Probably not, but they do have information that makes their selection easier. With percale sheets checking all the boxes, it’s not surprising that most hotels choose to pamper their guests with percale.

Hotels need durable sheets. Unlike most of us, hotels change the sheets daily, and their linens are laundered frequently and put back on the beds for the guests. If the sheets don’t hold up well to daily use, the replacement costs could be prohibitive.

Hotels need comfortable sheets. Hotels known for their luxury accommodations aren’t willing to sacrifice the comfort of their clients to purchase less expensive sheets. Their business is based on reputation and service, so they will always opt for the best.

Hotels know all about thread count. Many people believe that the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the sheet. This couldn’t be further from the truth. High thread counts refer to the number of threads, not the quality of threads. The quality of the thread is the determining factor in a sheet’s comfort, not the number of threads. In fact, excessively high thread counts can actually decrease the fabric’s breathability instead of enhancing its comfort.

Hotels know about the weave. The weave of the cotton is one of the most important factors in a sheet’s breathability, softness, and durability. Hotel buyers in the know most often choose percale sheets over sateen or other weaves.

Hotels want white. White sheets are bright, clean-looking, and give a feeling of newness, even though they may have been laundered multiple times. Hotels don’t want patterns, colors, or designs that may fade or stain easily.

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    What You Should Know

    You can easily achieve that same luxury look and feel with the linens you choose for your home! If you’re aiming for the same durability, comfort, and look as a 5-star hotel, start by considering the features of percale sheets, the top pick of luxury hotels.

    Percale is one of the most durable weaves of sheets produced. Thanks to its tighter weave, percale is naturally soft and crisp, but also resistant to tears, abrasions, and premature aging. In addition, it will outlast most other weaves, natural and synthetic fibers alike. Though you probably won’t be laundering your sheets daily, you’ll see that the durability of percale is well worth the investment.

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    Percale sheets get softer with age.  Hotels know that though a sateen sheet is initially soft, its weave does not wear well, leading to pilling, fraying, and a rag-like feel. By purchasing a sheet that has a longer lifespan, you are actually making a wiser investment.

    Thread count doesn’t equal quality. Some manufacturers will inflate the thread count of their sheets by diminishing the quality of the fiber. Most hotels opt for percale sheets with a 500 thread count, knowing they will be more durable and comfortable than those with other weaves.

    Not only does white make you feel like you are sleeping in a cloud, it always feels fresh and new, regardless of how many times you have washed your sheets. Conveniently, white sheets are also neutral, so any color scheme will work, and they will complement any seasonal decorating.

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      Get Hotel Quality at Home

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