The Secret is Silk

The Secret is Silk

Silk bedding is all the rage right now, and for a good reason.

Although silk does need to be dry cleaned regularly due to its antimicrobial properties and breathable nature, it does not tend to trap as much bacteria as other types of fabrics. For hot sleepers, acne sufferers, or those who just really like to sleep in a clean environment, silk bedding is made for you.
You will also enjoy its luxurious softness.

Thomas Lee Sheets' silk is from the finest German silk manufacturers and offers several fine options, including a pillowcase, blanket, mattress pad, and comforter. The silk-filled cotton comforter is especially beneficial for hot sleepers or those in warm climates. The breathable weight of the silk comforter keeps you warm but not hot and wicks away moisture to keep your bed clean and comfortable, even in warm weather.

You may think that silk would be too light to be warm, but the silk blanket is actually the heaviest. Thomas Lee's silk blanket is cool enough for summer and is perfect for layering in colder months. And since it is hypoallergenic, this silk blanket can provide allergy sufferers the warmth and weight without the discomfort. If you are just starting out with silk products, a pillowcase is a good place to start. Sleeping on silk pillowcases can help with sleep wrinkles, fine lines, and frizzy hair by reducing friction.

If you are ready for the game-changing properties of silk bedding, you can build your perfect collection, starting with pieces from Thomas Lee Sheets.

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