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The Perfect Guest Room

The Perfect Guest Room

Though you are sad that your child is off to college, you can't deny that you have been giving some thought to his/her bedroom.....You have been dreaming of a guest room for a while now, so why not make your empty nest a comfy, beautiful place that your guests will rave about?


The Perfect Guest Room

It's true that we all have different ideas of the perfect guest room, so make a list of what yours should include. Decide on a budget and a timetable, and get started!
  • Furniture
    • Will you be replacing the bedroom furniture that once called this room home?
    • Did your college student take it along? If not, will you reuse it? Will you store it, sell it, donate it?
    • What is the right size for your guests? King, queen? Will it fit comfortably in the room?
  • Color/Condition
    • Will you repaint the walls? Are the floors in good shape?
    • Do you need replacement lighting fixtures?
    • Is there space in the closet?
  • Style
    • It is so important that your decorating style be reflected in your guest room. People who stay as your guest want to feel that they are feeling your vibe, your style in the room where they will be staying.


Once you have decided on the style, furnishing, and theme for your room, consider what will make your guests feel the most comfortable during their stay. A few things to consider:

Choose a color scheme that is calming and neutral. Don't opt for bright colors or busy patterns that can deter from that feeling of relaxation. Stay within your wheelhouse when it comes to style. Don't overcrowd the room with too much furniture or things that are being stored.

Beautiful guest bedroom

Space in the closet and dresser for their personal items is a must. Even if you have kept some things from your child for when he/she returns, try to clear out a drawer or two as well as some space to hang their clothes in the closet while they visit.

Amenities are such a special touch. Fresh flowers on the nightstand not only make your guest feel welcome, they smell good too!. A bed tray with clean towels, lotions, and soaps for their own personal use is an extra your guest will remember. An extra comforter or a throw for cool evenings is another great addition. And don't forget to leave a note with the WiFi password next to the bed.

Flowers in guest bedroom

Luxury and comfort are particularly important when it comes to bedding. Your guest will love a clean, crisp bed made with the finest percale sheets. They will love the softness against their skin and the comfort they feel sleeping there. Top the sheets with a fluffy duvet and cover and use several pillows to accommodate their personal preference.

Duvet in guest bedroom

Your guest room is a reflection of you. Making it comfortable and welcoming is easy if you work with a calm color scheme, stay within your decorating style, and use quality bedding for a luxury feel. And with our percale sheets, your guests never want to go home!

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