Sleep Well: Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom

spring cleaning is beginning

Even though parts of the country are still shivering and shoveling, Spring is on its way. When we think of Spring, we think of flowers and birds and all things that are beginning anew. And of course, Spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning, a long tradition, brings that fresh, new feeling to every room of your house. And of course, one room, where we spend the majority of our time, the bedroom, cannot be neglected. However, Spring cleaning the bedroom is not just wiping down the baseboards and throwing the sheets in the washer. It’s time for rejuvenation and rebirth. So, put on some music and let’s get busy Spring cleaning!


Start by stripping the bed. It is always a good idea to rotate your mattress. This will help your mattress last longer and sag less because you will put pressure on different bed springs. It is easiest to wash the bedding in the order that it will be returned to the bed. For example, start with your mattress cover and end with your duvet cover.

Mattress Pad

Mattress pads should be laundered per your manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, for cotton mattress pads, machine wash on a warm or cool setting with a mild detergent. If the care label reads tumble dry, do so on a low heat setting. Vinyl backed pads can usually be cleaned in the same manner. Check the label for drying instructions.

For foam toppers, start by vacuuming both sides of the pad. Check your care label to see if the manufacturer recommends machine washing. If machine washing, it is best to use a commercial machine since agitator models may shred the pad.

Sheets/Pillow Covers

Sheets are important because they are the fabric that touches your body while you are sleeping or lounging. Our percale sheets are easily laundered in cool water during Spring cleaning. You will only need about 1/4 to 1/3 of the detergent that you normally use. Rinse in cold water. If you can, rinse again. You don’t want any detergent left on your sheets because it could make them feel a bit scratchy. Never use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Bleach can weaken the fibers in your sheets. We want your sheets to last a long time.

Throw them in the dryer on the low-temperature setting. High heat can cause the fibers to “cook” and lose their natural soft texture. Remove from the dryer at the end of the cycle and hand smooth. If you prefer to iron, remove while just a tad damp and iron on the cotton or linen setting.

Duvet Covers/Comforters

When cleaning percale duvet covers or comforters, always check for spots and pre-treat if needed. Our duvet covers can be cleaned in the same manner as our percale sheets. When cleaning your Hungarian down comforter, it is best to be washed in cold or warm water and rinsed in cold water as well. Down comforters tend to be somewhat bulky so a large front loading or commercial washer is preferred. Professional cleaning is also an option.

If you are drying in your at-home dryer, halfway through the cycle, pull the comforter out and fluff it. Replace and finish the cycle. Using a gentle, cooler cycle could prolong the life of your comforter.


Your pillows need to be cleaned just like all the other parts of your bedding. Check the manufacturer care label before laundering. Our Hungarian Down Pillows can be laundered in the same way as our Hungarian Down Comforters.



Cleaning your floors, of course, will depend on the surface that you have. Vacuum or sweep to remove any excess dirt, dust, or pet hair. Spot clean any carpeted areas. Mop with your favorite cleaner or use a solution of one half cup vinegar to one gallon of water. You can also use this solution to wipe down all of the baseboards.

Don’t forget those out of the way areas such as under the bed, behind the dressers and nightstands. Wipe down the furnace and air vents, window sills, and trim.


It’s a good time to check for dust or cobwebs on door trim, ceilings, or corners. Further, windows should be cleaned with window cleaner or with a vinegar/water mix.


For Spring cleaning, dust tables, dressers, and lamps. Don’t forget any ceiling fans, lampshades, and anything on top of a surface. Curtains and drapes should be cleaned per manufacturer’s care instruction.Closet

spring cleaning closet
Young woman deciding what clothes to keep and what to donate.

Check your clothing, handbags, and shoes for needed repairs. Anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t like, set aside to donate. If it is too worn or cannot be fixed, toss it. Then, get your winter wear ready for storage. Send winter coats to the cleaners and bring out the Spring/Summer wear.

Do you need some organization? If your closet is home to clutter, now might be a good time to get some closet organizers installed.

Your Turn

Now that your bedroom is clean and comfortable make sure you take time to examine your bedtime routine. Your bed has clean, crisp percale sheets, a Hungarian Down Comforter, and Hungarian Down Pillows. But does it have you? According to the CDC, 35% of Americans do not get enough sleep. If you are one of these, now is the time to make sleep your priority. Reduce or eliminate electronics after bedtime (cell phones, included), reduce caffeine intake, and exercise early in the day. Plus, try our quality bedding. Because at Thomas Lee Sheets, we guarantee that our high-quality products will exceed your highest expectations.

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