What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Sleep Position Say About Your Personality?

After a long day of work, cleaning the house, running errands and picking up the kids, you’re ready to crash into your warm, inviting bed and fall fast asleep for the next 6 to 8 hours.

But take a second and think about the sleep position you find yourself relaxing into night after night.

“Your sleep position can actually say a lot about your personality,” says Elizabeth Zook, CEO of Thomas Lee Sheets. “Sleep researchers have conducted studies on people’s sleep positions and they believe how a person sleeps can provide clues into who they are as a person.”

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, took a look at 6 key sleep positions and found that each is connected to a certain personality trait.


Thomas Lee Sheets looks at what different sleep positions say about a person's personality.


The Fetus aka Sleeping Like A Baby

According to Idzikowski, this is the most common sleeping position of those who took part in his study. The sleeper lays on their side and curls their knees up, which looks like a baby in the fetal position.

If you sleep in the fetal position you may be the kind of person who shows off a tough exterior but is really a softy at heart, Idzikowski says. You may also be shy when you meet someone for the first time but then you are relaxed and open up.

The Log

This is when you sleep on your side with both of your arms on your side.

Now you may think that someone who sleeps like a log may have a personality like a log. This is not true. According to Idzikowski, log sleeps are very easy going and social butterflies. They trust people very easily, which may make them gullible from time to time.

The Yearner

The Yearner position is where you sleep on your side and you have your arms stretched out, almost like you’re reaching for something.

If you sleep like this you may be a little bit complicated. You are open to new things, but at the same time can be suspicious and cynical. You may also be slow to make up your mind about decisions but once you make your decision then you stick to it, Idzikowski says.


The Yearner sleep position is when you sleep on your side with your arms stretched out Thomas Lee Sheets says.


The Soldier

In this position, you look like a soldier standing at attention. You’re laying on your back with your arms to your sides.

If you sleep like a soldier you’re probably a bit quieter and reserved. Idzikowski says that people who sleep in the soldier position typically set themselves and others to a high standard.

The Freefall

Anyone else start singing Tom Petty’s “Freefalling” when we talk about this sleep position? No? Just us? Ok moving on…

The Freefall position looks like you may be freefalling out of a plane. You’re on your stomach with your arms stretched out around your head or the pillow.

If you sleep in the freefall position then you may be sociable and a little brash. But it’s hard for you to take any criticism from others, according to Idzikowski.


This position looks just like it sounds. A Starfish sleeper lays on their back with their arms spread out, most likely up around their pillow.

If you’re a Starfish sleep then you are a really good friend and are always willing to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on for those who are close to you, Idzikowski says. You also don’t like to be the center of attention.


The Starfish sleep position is when the sleeper lays on their back with their arms spread out up in the air Thomas Lee Sheets says.


So which sleep position are you? And does your personality match up with your sleep position?

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