Lotions, Potions, and Sleep

Lotions, Potions, and Sleep

I love the time I spend caring for my skin but skin care has several components, including what we put on our skin aided by the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  Plus, both also offer a respite from our busy lives.

My Skincare Routine

In the morning,  sitting at an airy little desk tucked into a quiet corner formed by two creamy plaster walls, I apply supple daubs of moisturizer and sunscreen.  The desk’s long thin legs capped in tiny metal lion’s paws, support delicate drawers and a glossy top covered with colorful glass jars and stumpy clay pots of makeup, serums, and lotions, counterpointed with containers of fluffy, puffy brushes and soldiery rows of eyeliners, mascaras, and vials of perfume.  While I enjoy these things, I also love (and need) the peace and quiet of this corner nook.  When I sit here in the morning sunlight, a busy day lies ahead of me but, while I'm here, it’s my time and it’s peaceful.

At night, there are also quiet minutes at the desk as I swirl on a concoction of glycolic moisturizer, creamy face oil, and niacinamide serum over my face and neck, before swiping an eyelash serum lightly across my lids and brows.  Once everything soaks in, using my fingertips I go back with a retinol cream, applying it all the way from my hairline to the tops of my hands.  Then I tuck into bed, where a good night’s sleep continues working wonders for my skin.

Elizabeth Zook

Why Sleep is Important to Good Skin 

At night, the human body increases the skin’s blood flow, helping it glow and slowing the aging process.  Also, sleeping lowers the production of cortisol.  Cortisol causes skin inflammation, leading to breakouts and other skin issues, so the more sleep we get, the less Cortisol we have, the better our skin looks.  So, sleep is just as important to good skin as what we put on it.

As part of your skin care routine, try carving out a quiet place and time for yourself.  And be sure to care for your skin, both in what you put on it and by sleeping well.

Best, Elizabeth 

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