Proper Sheet Care For Percale Sheets

Proper Sheet Care For Percale Sheets

Unfortunately, no matter how high quality your sheets are, they will deteriorate if washed incorrectly. To counteract that accelerated wear and tear, here’s a quick guide to properly caring for your Thomas Lee sheets.

Change sheets and pillowcases once a week or more often in humid or hot environments.

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    Your favorite detergent is perfect for linens, as long as it’s free from fabric softeners. We recommend using one-third to a half of the suggested amount. (Too much soap can affect the texture of sheets.)

    Do not use chlorine bleach. Not only will it change the color of sheets gradually, but it will also weaken the fibers and seams of the sheets. If you really want to brighten sheets, add a quarter cup of lemon juice instead.

    Do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or detergents with added fabric softeners. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets will react to the cotton fibers and destroy the molecules over time. Although they may make the fabric feel softer in the short term, the chemicals in fabric softeners will leave a residue on your otherwise clean sheets. That build-up will block the natural breathability of your sheets, as well as stop your sheets from absorbing moisture. 

    Machine wash your sheets in cold or warm water. Gentle cycle settings are best. Just make sure the final rinse is with cold water.

    How do you wash percale sheets
    If you can opt for an extra rinse cycle, do it! This will make sure all excess soap is removed, which can make even the best sheets feel scratchy.

    Tumble dry on low or permanent press settings, or hang dry. Drying at too high a temperature can “cook” the yarn, leaving it less soft or even brittle.

    Remove sheets from the dryer as soon as the cycle is completed or just before the sheets are bone dry. Nothing causes a 100% cotton fabric to wrinkle more than sitting wadded up in a hot dryer. Wrinkles can also be reduced by simple hand smoothing while folding or making the bed.

    While it’s unnecessary, many people love the ultra-smooth “hand” produced by steam ironing pillowcases and the top hem of a flat sheet.

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      Once they’re clean and dry, store your sheets in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.

        Proper care of your sheets means a lifetime of better sleep. Rest well!

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