Percale Sheets and Water Quality

Percale Sheets and Water Quality
Let's talk about water quality and laundry! Water quality and type vary drastically, and poor water quality can impact your percale sheets. Some tap water contains high amounts of minerals like iron, chlorine, and manganese, which are harmful to the skin, health, machines, and laundry. When used in excess, these minerals, including chlorine, pose a threat to fabric.
  1. Scratchy, weak fabric — water binds with the fabric and compromises its quality, diminishing the cool, crisp feel of our cotton percale sheets. In addition to making our percale feel rough and uncomfortable, the water also weakens the cotton fibers and increases the chances of damage.
  2. Staining — water with a high concentration of iron causes yellow or orange stains, and manganese cause brown stains. Stains are especially noticeable on our white and ivory cotton percale sheets. When you do find stains caused by using low-quality water, please do not use bleach on these stains. Bleach weakens the natural sheet fibers, causing them to feel scratchy and rough.
  3. Dirty sheets — hard water doesn't mix well with soap and detergents. This means you may need to use more soap and water to get your sheets clean or run multiple cycles. In addition to the environmental and economic implications, excess soap also contributes to a scratchy feeling with your bedding.
The effects of poor water quality are gradual, and you might not notice them until your sheets don't look as bright, or feel as crisp. If that's the case, test your water and see if that's the culprit.

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