Percale Perfection

Percale Perfection

Everyone deserves a bed that they look forward to snuggling into at the end of the day. After all, your bed is where you retreat from the world and recharge before taking on another day’s adventures. Your bed should exude comfort and relaxation. 

So what’s the secret to transforming your ordinary bed into a calming sanctuary? Your bedding. The fabrics you choose to dress your bed in will determine not just how your bed looks but ultimately how it feels. At Thomas Lee Sheets, we are proud to offer high-quality cotton percale sheets that are as beautiful as they are luxurious. Here’s what you should know about what makes cotton percale unique before adding this home decor must-have into your bedroom.

Percale sheets

Percale: What is it?

Percale sheets have been around for ages and have made their way into countless households thanks to their customizable styles and wide price ranges. While there’s no question that percale is popular, most people still aren’t sure what percale actually means. Percale describes a method of weaving to create sheets, blankets, towels, and more. It works by using a unique one-yarn-over and one-yard-under pattern that leaves the finished linens feeling soft, smooth, and luxurious.

What makes Cotton Percale Bedding Special?

When making most percale bed linens, cotton is the preferred fiber. This is for a few reasons:

  • Cotton breathes well, which means you can sleep comfortably without feeling overheated.
  • Cotton provides a distinctive matte finish, ideal for everyday use.
  • The tight weave of cotton percale sheets makes them feel particularly smooth and crisp.
  • Cotton percale is easy to care for and gets softer over time with normal washing and drying at home.

These factors combine to make cotton percale bedding the ideal option for a beautiful, comfortable bed that you’ll look forward to cuddling into every night.

Percale bedding

What are the Advantages of Sleeping on Cotton Percale Bedding?

After sleeping in cotton percale sheets for one night, you’ll know that this isn’t your average bedding. There are a number of reasons that cotton percale linens are the best, including:

  • Breathability: Percale sheets feel cool to the touch, ensuring that you stay comfortable all night long, even if you’re a hot sleeper.
  • Durability: Percale sheets are strong. They can withstand daily use and frequent washing without looking worn or weathered. Moreover, our linens are hand-stitched by a skilled craftsman, providing a beautiful, finished appearance with extra strong hems that will never fray or come unstitched.
  • Age Well: Unlike other materials, cotton percale looks and feels even better as it ages. As the cotton fibers break in, your sheets will feel better than when you first purchased them.

Does Percale have any Disadvantages?

Nobody’s perfect, and if cotton percale sheets have one disadvantage, it’s that they can be prone to wrinkling, especially in sheets offering a thread count over 400. Because of this, some percale manufacturers add wrinkle-resistant fiber, such as silk or polyester to resolve this issue. At Thomas Lee, our 500 thread count Luxury Percale sheets are made from 100% US-grown Supima cotton. If wrinkled sheets are a concern for you, we recommend promptly removing them from the dryer or making your bed right away to minimize the number of visible wrinkles.

Percale sheets

When designing a bed meant to promote rest, beauty, and tranquility, high-quality cotton percale sheets can make all the difference. For everything you need to curate a bed that feels as good as it looks, Thomas Lee Sheets is here to help. With a variety of gorgeous styles to choose from, upgrading your bed linens has never been easier!

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