Luxury And Quality: One And The Same?

Luxury And Quality: One And The Same?

Luxury: noun - the state of great comfort and extravagant living.

Most people imagine yachts, diamonds, and mansions when they think of luxury. It's a word that many reserve for lifestyles of unnecessary grandeur and status – buying rare art or $500 shoes just because you can. Interestingly, if one reviews the definition of luxury, nowhere does it mention money or the need to spend it excessively to consider an item, or life, luxurious. People also tend to use "luxury" and "quality" interchangeably – in other words, if something is outlandishly expensive, then we think it must be high in quality. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some marketers will take advantage of the luxury's positive connotations and use it to up their product's price with no correlating increase in quality.

We've always believed that quality and luxury should be synonymous. We proudly call our Pima cotton sheets luxurious because they are of superior quality. Although you won't spend excessive amounts of money on them, people will probably think that you did. So what makes quality bed sheets? Put simply, two main things: materials and method.

Materials: You can't make a sturdy house with just glue and cardboard boxes or a gourmet meal with sub-par ingredients. Whatever the end product will be, it can't be quality unless you start with quality materials. This is why we use 100% American-grown Pima cotton for our bedsheets, which is stronger and finer than even Egyptian cotton. True luxury sheets never use cotton and polyester blends. Quality Pima cotton then becomes the fine, ring-spun yarn that's essential to producing our luxury sheets.

Method: Most bed sheets ring in at 150 to 300 thread count compared to Thomas Lee's 500 thread count. This means our sheets have 500 measured threads woven together in one square inch of fabric, yielding exceptionally strong and supple sheets that actually become softer over time. Additionally, our sheets are never machine-sewn, which can produce sloppy results and hems that eventually fray. Hand-sewing adds that extra touch of luxury and produces neat, beautiful sheets.

Luxury should be accessible to everyone: we hope to change the perception that only the wealthy can afford quality products. We simply caution consumers to do a little research on the materials and methods of a product's creation before purchasing anything labeled "luxury" to ensure that it is truly of quality.

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