Layering Your Bed for a Luxe Look

Layering Your Bed for a Luxe Look–From Percale Sheets to Duvet Cover
Your luxe bedroom is a sanctuary, and your bed is a calm and cozy centerpiece. It's also the focus of the room's design. It's the first thing you see, and a well-designed, well-made bed can add visual impact and drama to even the most unadorned bedroom, taking it from bare to complete, sophisticated, and understated. What's more dramatic and elegant–not to mention cozy–than a luxuriously layered bed? Nothing if you ask us! You don't need a design expert and a maid service to get that perfect B&B bedding look. You just need a few simple guidelines for a luxe bed look.

Luxe Sheets

The first step is putting sheets on the bed, but not just any sheets. When choosing a fitted sheet and top sheet, think classic. Avoid busy patterns and go with a neutral, simple solid. White sheets not only provide a crisp, clean, luxe look, but they go with everything, so you don't need to buy new ones to go with every new look. Percale sheets provide a soft, luxe feel. We'll even let you in on a trade secret. If you make the luxe bed with the top sheet face down and pull it up to the top of the mattress, when you fold it down over the comforter, the right side will be facing up for the finishing touch. Don't forget to tuck the percale sheets under the mattress for crisp edges!

Quilt & Comforter

Now it's time to add your quilt or bedspread–if you like sleeping with extra blankets, add those first. This is the perfect time to add depth by choosing one with a nice texture. Slide the bottom under the mattress and fold down the top with your sheet over it. Tuck it in the sides of the frame for a clean look. Next, fold a comforter accordion-style at the foot of the lxe bed so that you can pull it up easily at bedtime. Make sure it's low enough, so the bottom edge is hidden by the frame. For an even fluffier, fuller look, try using a feather duvet in place of the comforter.

Finishing Touches

This luxe look is all about the details. Prop the pillows up against the headboard with your standard pillowcases matching your sheets and the Euro shams matching the comforter/duvet. Feel free to add accent pillows if you like. Put a textured throw near the bottom of the bed, letting it fall off a bit like you just tossed it on casually. Another lovely touch is to place a tray on the luxe bed at an angle and adorn it with books, decorative items, and flowers. At the foot of the bed, try an upholstered bench. If you get one with built-in storage, you'll have a perfect place to put your extra pillows at night too.

A Cohesive Design

There are different ways to ensure your bedding elements come together for a unified look. You could go monochromatic, always use white, or layer black and white. If you prefer more dramatic pops of color, try a mix of neutrals and your favorite color. Going with different shades of one color but mixing the patterns and textures gives it a classic, luxe look.

Learn More About Creating a Luxe Look for Your Bed

Remember, these are helpful tips to make your layered luxe bed comfy, but decorating should also be fun! Don't let any of these guidelines keep you from experimenting with a look you think you'd enjoy. What matters the most is that you love your bed.

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