How To Create The Ultimate Guest Bedroom

How To Create The Ultimate Guest Bedroom

Entertaining overnight guests can be difficult, even for the most experienced host or hostess! Here are a few tips to ensure that every guest has a great night’s sleep and a wonderful stay.

  1. Fresh Towels/Clean Bathroom This may seem obvious, but make sure guests have access to fresh towels and a neat bathroom. You don’t have to make a gift basket, but it is courteous to provide shampoo, conditioner, and a spare toothbrush.
  2. Guest Goodies Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess, suggests creating a guest room cart full of goodies and amenities. She also suggests including the wifi password for the home! Though this step is certainly not necessary, it does not hurt to leave a little gift or goody to make your guest’s stay more comfortable. 
  3. Bedside Table Supplies Since you most likely do not sleep in your guest room, you may not notice things like poor lighting. Ensure that there are bedside lamps and an alarm clock. It is also kind to provide guests with a bottle of water; that way, they do not have to stumble around in your house looking for water in the middle of the night.
  4. Pets If you are not comfortable with pets on your furniture, but you have guests with furry loved ones, provide a dog bed in the room. Your guests should get the hint yet still know their dog is welcome.Dog on percale sheets
  5. Pillows According to various etiquette sources, guest beds should be outfitted with four standard size pillows, plus two square euro pillows as accents. This may seem like too many pillows, but better too many than too few.
  6. The Best Sheets Finally, a comfortable bed will make any guest bedroom feel like home. But don’t forget to make the bed properly. Start with some soft and comfortable Thomas Lee sheets. Leave the sides untucked for easy access, and leave enough sheet at the top so a large portion can be folded over the comforter.

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