How to Create a Calming Bedroom

How to Create a Calming Bedroom
Out of all the rooms in your home, the master bedroom may be the most important. After all, it's where you start and end your day, go to relax, and retreat from the world's busyness. Because of this, it should be a space that exudes comfort, tranquility, and charm. Whether you are redesigning your bedroom from the ground up or are looking to give it a quick facelift, creating your ideal calming bedroom is easier than you may think. Check out these five simple tips to get started.

Create an Inviting Foundation

Few investments are as significant as a quality bed since so much depends on a good night's sleep. With this in mind, it's essential to choose a bed that is both attractive and comfortable. If your mattress isn't providing the comfort or support you need, it's well worth your time to find one that does. Likewise, if your bed frame is bulky, dated, or the wrong size for your bedroom, it's time to find one better suited for your needs. Keep an eye out for a bed frame to maximize the space in your room and make it feel as inviting as possible.

Make it Personal

Your master bedroom is one of the few spaces in your house that is reserved exclusively for you. Because of this, it should be catered to your specific needs and desires. To get the most out of every inch of your bedroom, bring in elements that will not only be practical but make you smile. Do you enjoy reading before bed? Add a comfy chair and floor lamp in the corner. Could you use more storage for items like hand lotion or a notepad? Swap out your old nightstand for one with plenty of drawer space. Don't forget to pair them with pictures and knick-knacks that are meaningful to you. The result will be a space that is not only gorgeous but functional and personal as well.

Incorporate the Light Wood Tones

Does your bedroom feel tiny or overcrowded with furniture? The tone of your wooden furnishings may be to blame. Rather than choosing dark shades of wood, bring in lighter wood tones. Light, neutral tones are the secret to making even the smallest of spaces feel spacious and roomy. If you're not ready to replace an entire bedroom set, swapping out just one or two items for lighter alternatives is an excellent place to start. You may be surprised by how open your bedroom feels after bringing in a light-colored bookshelf or dresser.

Layer Your Bedding

Is there anything better than crawling into a well-made bed after a long day? We don't think so! The key to creating a bed that you'll look forward to cozying up in night after night is layering it with quality bedding pieces. Start by choosing percale sheets that look as good as they feel, followed by a cozy down alternative comforter, and finally, a percale duvet cover to complete the overall look. Be sure to choose neutral tones with high-quality, natural fabrics, such as cotton, to ensure that your bedding looks and feels amazing for years to come.

Choose Crisp Scents

A well-balanced room that promotes rest and relaxation should invoke all of your senses, smell included. Incorporating clean, crisp scents into your bedroom is an easy way to take your calming space to the next level. Consider bringing in a plant, such as lavender, plugging in an essential oil diffuser on your bedside table, or lighting a scented candle to ensure your peaceful bedroom is complete with a smell that helps you effortlessly unwind. Designing the serene bedroom you've always wanted doesn't have to be an overwhelming feat. With these simple tips and Thomas Lee Sheets' luxury bedding options, you can create your ultimate calming bedroom in no time.

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