How to Make a Hotel Bed at Home

How to Make a Hotel Bed at Home

There’s something intimate and decadent about staying at a luxury hotel. From the plush robe hanging on the hook of the bathroom door to the premium linens on the bed, the entire experience allows you to feel well-taken care of.

You don’t want to check out of your luxury hotel only to be greeted by a subpar sleeping arrangement once you get back home.

Let’s take a look at what it will take to turn your bed into a delightful treat that will make you feel as though you’re staying in a five-star establishment every night of the week.

#1: Percale Sheet Sets

Hotel quality sheets will make all the difference when you make your bed. Throw out your low thread count sheets that always seem to feel itchy no matter how much you wash them. Percale sheets are the perfect fit for creating a hotel experience at home. Choosing the right sheets is easier than you might think. Plus, it may help you enter your dream state a bit faster, too.

#2: Percale Duvet Cover

A percale duvet cover is soft, easy to clean, and more than a little luxurious. Cotton duvet covers are sure to make you feel as though you’ve just checked in and are awaiting room service. You can update your look as often as you desire just by changing the duvet cover. It’s no wonder why the classiest hotels add these as part of their bedding.

Now, the only thing you have to do is make sure you have a fluffy duvet insert to slide the cover over.

You won’t have housekeeping at your home, so check out the easiest way to change the duvet cover in just minutes.

#3: All-Season Down Comforter

Regardless of what the temperature is outside, an all-season down comforter is the fluffy bed covering you’re going to want. It’s capable of keeping you warm in the winter without causing you to break a sweat during the summer months.

One of the reasons why we recommend a down comforter is because of how plush it is. If you’re used to most comforters falling flat, it’s because they fill them with basic cotton. It doesn’t do anything to offer temperature regulation or comfort. Even curling up on top of the bed is going to be more enjoyable when you make your bed with one of these.

#4: Down Mattress Pad

There’s no need to replace your entire mattress. Keep the one you have but add that extra bit of fluff underneath in the form of a down mattress pad.

There are countless benefits to having a mattress pad in place, including being able to collect sweat and body oils, so they don’t penetrate your mattress. You can wash the pad as often as needed to keep them looking (and smelling) their absolute best.

You’d be surprised by what kinds of microscopic pests can live inside of a mattress. From bed bugs to dust mites, they can trigger all sorts of allergic reactions. With a mattress pad, the problem is solved because you have a much-needed barrier.

Regardless of what kind of mattress you have, you’ll be sleeping sounder the moment you slip one of these on your mattress.

#5: Medium-Firm Down Pillows

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you need to find a pillow based on how you sleep. Too soft of a pillow can leave you with an aching neck in the morning. That’s not a five-star hotel experience, and you can do better than that.

Medium-firm down pillows are not only soft but also supportive. Countless hotel chains use down pillows because of the three-dimensional shape that you get. The plush shape will stay that way for years to come, so you don’t have to worry about a flattened pillow after sleeping on it for a few nights.

#6: Herringbone Throw

Have you noticed how many of the high-end hotel brands at those extra little touches to help you settle in for a night? You won’t want to miss that on your own bed—and a herringbone throw is just perfect. It can provide you with a way to curl up on top of your bed to do some reading or to relax without having to climb into your bed.

You can find one of our herringbone throws in a variety of different colors to coordinate with the rest of your bedroom. The woven cotton design is soft, and the fringe on the end is a lovely detail that will help to elevate your bed. They’re also machine washable, so you can keep your bed refreshed as often as you desire.

Making a Hotel Bed at Home

Once you start making your bed with luxury bedding, you may think twice about what you consider a five-star hotel! Instead of yearning for a hotel stay, you may be wishing that you were back in your own bed! Add lavender spray to the pillow, pour some sparkling wine, and you’ll be on your way to decadence.

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