15 Summer Essentials to Create a Cool, Comfy, & Stylish Summer Bed

15 Summer Essentials To Create a Cool, Comfy & Stylish Summer Bed
Now that summer is here, the time is perfect to indulge in a little makeover of your home for the season. While you are at it, why not start with your bedroom, specifically your summer bed? Having a cool, comfy, and stylish summer bed will not only give your room a new look but also make sleeping a pleasant experience in these warm months. From crisp cotton percale sheets to down pillows and linen sprays- here are 15 summer essentials you need to achieve the perfect summer bed and rejuvenate the ambiance in your bedroom. Read on to know more!

1. Percale Sheet Set

The quality of your sheet set is the foundation of creating a comfortable bed. There is a reason that we love the beds in a luxury hotel and you can definitely make a hotel-like bed at home. Consider buying good-quality cotton sheets with a high thread count like this Percale Sheets Set. Buying the right kind of bed sheets, especially for the summer months, is necessary. Most hot sleepers find it difficult to be comfortable if their bed sheets are not made of a breathable fabric like cotton. If you are someone like that, then you should definitely consider looking at what kind of fabrics suit you before buying a sheet set. Additionally, here is an extremely useful guide that will help you get an idea about the best sheets your money can buy.

2. Hand Lotion

Have a bottle of your favorite hand lotion or cream on your bedside table. When you crawl into your bed at the end of a busy day, it is quite possible to forget moisturizing your hands. However, having a hand lotion nearby will take care of that and you will have soft and nice-smelling hands in no time!

3. Down Pillows

The importance of using the right kind of pillows cannot be stressed enough. Look for something that has medium firmness and yet provides the necessary support to your neck and lumbar region. These down pillows are perfect for transforming your bed into your summer haven. They provide the necessary firmness along with a high level of comfort.

4. Linen Spray

Aromatherapy has a significant impact on our moods. Imagine how relaxed you feel the moment you step inside a spa and smell in all that wonderful smell. Bring in that kind of vibe in your bedroom by using a linen spray of your choice. You can go in for a relaxing lavender smell or a more refreshing citrus scent. Just spritz a few sprays of your linen spray before you get into your bed and you will be enveloped in a pleasant aroma while you sleep or relax.

5. Cotton Mattress Pad

In addition to the cotton percale sheets, consider investing in a cotton mattress pad for the ultimate cozy experience. A mattress pad adds a layer of protection to the bed and enhances your levels of comfort. They come in various sizes and can be machine washable, thus making them convenient to clean and take care of.

6. Lavender Posy

Lavender has been historically used to relieve stress and treat insomnia. The scent is known to make people feel relaxed. Consider getting a lavender posy and keep it on your bedside table. A few sprigs of lavender will last you for some time and release a sweet aroma that will make your summer bed just a bit more comfortable and inviting.

7. All Season Down Comforter

Down pillows and comforters are very helpful when it comes to sleeping well. Down is soft yet supportive and aids in a good night's sleep. Thus, in addition to down pillows, consider investing in an all-season down comforter like this one. Once you start using it, you will wonder how you slept without one. It is that comfortable!

8. Lip Balm

Even in summer months, your lips deserve some TLC. Don't forget to keep a tube of your lip balm by your bedside. You can consider some refreshing balms with scents like watermelon or cherry for the summer months.

9. A Good Book

15 Summer Essentials To Create a Cool, Comfy & Stylish Summer Bed Stay away from electronics and turn to a good book for an hour or so before bed. This will help you to sleep well. Keep an interesting book by your bed and make it a habit to turn a few pages before you go to sleep each night.

10. Percale Duvet Cover

Indulge in a great duvet cover and up your summer sleeping game. Duvet covers in a breathable and cool fabric like percale cotton can keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night and you will not wake up feeling sweaty. We offer a great percale duvet cover in 100% Pima cotton that you can definitely consider for your summer bed upgrade.

11. Yummy Drink

Cool and wind down before your bedtime with a yummy drink. You can have a glass of refreshing juice like cherry or passion fruit tea or even cold milk. If you prefer, you can also have some water infused with fresh fruits like watermelon and pineapple and topped with lemon slices and mint. Having the drink of your choice will surely bring in that summery vibe to your bedroom.

12. More Pillows

Having pillows of several sizes on your bed not only makes it look cozy but also makes it comfortable. Consider the luxury hotel beds that you enjoy during your vacations. Recreate the same look and feel in your summer bed by using more pillows. You can opt for different textures for the pillow covers to add more interest to the sleeping corner.

13. Sleep Mask

Take time to relax in your bed while getting your beauty treatment on. We are talking about face masks here. You can either opt for the convenient sheet masks or go for the clay masks. Put on the mask of your choice and lounge while sipping your drink and reading a book. That sounds like a slice of your summer holiday at home!

14. Beside Flowers

Beautify the space by adding some pretty flowers in a glass bowl by your bed. Popular summer flower choices are peonies, daisies, roses, and sunflowers. But you can go with whatever your heart desires. After all, it is your personal space and you can decorate it as you wish

15. Reading Lamp

Finally, do not forget to add a reading lamp to your bedside table. Choose a lamp that fits the decor and is practical to use. There are many options available in the market and you will surely find something that matches your style.

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