Blanket and Throws

Blanket and Throws

As cozy season approaches, you may be thinking of stocking up or replacing blankets and throw blankets around your home. Or maybe you want to layer your bed for supreme warmth and softness. Thomas Lee Sheets is your place to start. With options ranging from the softest cotton to silk, along with different colors and textures, you cannot go wrong with your selection. Not only are these blankets soft and warm, but their beauty and luxury will enhance the beauty of your home.

Dubbed “the Granny blanket,” this Thomas Lee favorite comes in both a full and throw size, this long-staple cotton blanket has the feel of cashmere but the convenience of cotton. It is washable and durable and stands the test of time. Other favorites include the silk blanket and the herringbone blankets, which are all perfect for the layered aesthetic. The herringbone blanket, like the Granny blanket, comes in two sizes and three colors giving you versatility along with comfort. The full-size blankets on top of sheets can stand alone on warmer nights or lie underneath a silk, down, or down alternative comforter. The silk and herringbone blankets in particular pair well with down and down alternative comforters. Even if you aren’t worried about the weather, these pieces work beautifully together to achieve a perfectly made, tranquil bed.

The throws aren’t just for beds, either. You can use them anywhere you need a little extra coziness. You can use them on a couch for family movie night or a glass of wine with a friend, or in a reading nook for snuggling up with a good book or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Designed to be elegant, neutral, and pair well with others, Thomas Lee Sheets’ blanket choices will provide all that you need for the best snuggling and sleeping throughout fall and winter.

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Silk Blanket

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Herringbone Blanket

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Granny Blanket

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Granny Throw

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Classic Cotton Throw

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