Best Sheets for a Vacation Home

Best Sheets for a Vacation Home
We are in the mountains this week. A darkly green temperate rain forest where crinkly hemlock and leafy poplar trees grow straight and hugely tall. Walking beneath them over a forest floor dotted with mossy boulders, we hop from one boulder to the next, balancing on sneakered toes. Then we go wading with our children in wide clear-gray mountain streams. Streams where trout sinuously swim in place, disappearing like light before our shadows. In the evening, sitting in comfy porch chairs and orange firelight, we turn over the day. Each word anchoring our memories, happy to be together in this place. Later we slip into bed, savoring its warm comfort as the wind sows through the trees outside, singing us to sleep.

Vacation Bedding

If you love visiting the mountains as much as we do, then you know how good it feels to slip into bed for a nap or a full night’s sleep after a busy day. Whether we are at our own vacation homes or a rented retreat, we like to use the same high-quality bedding we enjoy at home. Like taking your own pillow along on a trip, the feel of familiar sheets helps us go to sleep faster and sleep deeper. For this we prefer percale cotton sheets for their tactile feel, lending that touch of home.

What Does Percale Mean?

The word “percale” simply tells you how the cotton is woven. A percale weave is elegant and smooth on both sides of the fabric, with a matte finish and softly crisp feel. When made of luxury cotton (look for long staple Pima cotton with 400 to 500 thread count), these all-natural bed sheets are the best sheets for sensitive skin.

Be sure to stock your vacation home with luxurious and durable cotton percale bed sheets that can stand up to the rigors of vacation but are a dream to sleep on.



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