5 Things Your Entertaining Is Missing

5 Things Your Entertaining Is Missing

Whether a dinner party or a weekend trip, find new ways to make visitors feel more comfortable in your home. Home decor and more will give your guests the ultimate experience.

Bedroom Comforts

Walk into your guest bedroom and look around. If you were staying the night, what would you need? What items do you always forget when you leave for the weekend? Bedrooms are not all just fine linens. Here are a few simple suggestions to add to that extra room. Alarm clock, phone chargers, and bottled water. Or, glasses for water. Either way, ensure that your guests are fully hydrated.

Beautiful bedroom with percale sheets

Guest Basket

Know what snacks your visiting friend prefers? Or their favorite soap? Think of a couple of small amenities to place in a basket in the guestroom. We suggest small toys or coloring books for visiting children, a spray-on scent of some sort, or breath mints.

Fresh Flowers

Nothing adds color and a beautiful fragrance to a room like fresh flowers. You do not even have to stop by the local shop but can pick some from your backyard for a charming look.


Whether you share a bathroom or have a separate guest bathroom, make it feel a little cozier.

Folded Towels

Learn a new skill today, and fold towels in a fun shape or creature! Find inspiration and create a bathroom paradise with towel animals, flowers, and more. The finer the towels, the better!

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, & Dental Floss

No explanation necessary. Everyone needs fresher breath! Matches and/or Candle: Keep the bathroom smelling nice and looking nice.

Supplies For Smaller Guests

Though not every guest will bring a passel of pets and children with them, those that do might need a little extra help. We suggest pet beds, clean-up bags for dogs, and small activities for children. Coloring books, children’s movies, and small toys can go a long way for entertaining little ones.

Great Conversation

Great conversation is important for keeping your guests, and yourself entertained, whether serving dinner or spending the weekend. Keep couples separated at the dinner table with place cards. This avoids conversation dead zones.

Layered bed with percale sheets


As the host or hostess, you should not hide away cleaning or cooking. Try to participate as much as possible to facilitate great guest interactions or general guest comfort. Give extroverts the center of the table. Forget coffee; serve more wine with dinner! You will be surprised at how few complain.

Thomas Lee Sheets

Eventually, guests will sleep over no matter what, and you want them to sleep well. Allow guests to appreciate the comfort of your home further. But be careful, they may never want to leave! Even in bathrooms, a fluffy towel will add an extra layer of comfort to your bathroom. Basically, whether it is the best sheets or your sparkling wit, your guests will never want to leave!

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