Silk Pillowcase

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Silk Pillowcase

Made of 100% mulberry silk by craftsmen who have been producing premium silk for over 75 years

Bed Size: Standard / Queen

Wondering how celebrities always look so dewy and well-rested? It’s silk! Frizzy hair, fine lines and wrinkles, and dry skin are all improved by using a Silk Pillowcase.

A Silk Pillowcase is an absolute beauty sleep essential. Due to the silky-smooth texture of silk, your hair slides easily over it, resulting in it less frizz and breakage, your skin can glide across it frictionless resulting in less tugging, wrinkling, and fine lines, and silk is less apt to absorb moisture from your skin. It’s Hollywood’s best-kept secret!

Made of 100% mulberry silk and by craftsmen who have been producing premium silk for over 75 years, this Silk Pillowcase is a must have for your bed and beauty routine.

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Oeko-Tex certified

finest & strongest fibers

sustainable manufacturing

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