Collection: Mother's Day in Bed

As the average person, you spend 33 years in bed, 26 years sleeping and seven years just trying to reach the end of counting those elusive sheep that keep multiplying in number, every time you try to get some shut-eye. So, you spend an entire generation in bed, and if you are one of three children, it stands to reason that your mom has spent nearly a generation awake tending to all of you. In 2007, it was reported that mothers got less than four hours of sleep a night, much less than their husbands; that was less than half of what their mothers got. In fact, a parent loses up to six hours of sleep per child on top of the seven years spent trying to get to sleep. Even in mid-life, women over 40 have more trouble falling asleep. For the supermoms raising new generations on little sleep, Mother's Day is the perfect time to sleep well and spend the whole day in bed with the help of these stellar tips.