Wedding Presents That Anyone Will Love

Wedding Presents That Anyone Will Love

Wedding season will soon be here! We know! It's stressing us out too. It can be hard to come up with original, thoughtful presents that you know the happy couple will use and treasure for years to come. At Thomas Lee, we have a few ideas to help you out.

Whether the wedding registry is too pricey or non-existent, it cannot hurt to look elsewhere for some truly useful, memorable, and beautiful gifts.

Picture Frames

After a beautiful wedding, most couples will have plenty of beautiful photographs, but nowhere to put them. Look for some beautiful picture frames and albums to keep them from storing photos in a shoebox under the bed. If one of them is a crafter, look for a scrapbooking kit! No matter what you decide, look for frames or albums for multiple picture sizes.

Bedding & Bed Sheets

No matter what, everyone has a bed. Many couples, especially younger couples, are hesitant to spend money on nice, high-quality bedding. Thomas Lee cotton sheets will last for years and provide the couple with great rest. Don't forget to check for the correct bed size! Just make sure you are covert in finding out; you do not want to ruin the surprise.

Beautiful Bedroom with percale sheets


Just like everyone sleeps, everyone has to eat. You can go simple and purchase a gift card from a favorite restaurant. If the couple is a little more creative, try some cooking classes. For the more practical couples in your life, a membership to a wholesale club such as Costco or Sam's Club will be much appreciated. 

Exercise Equipment

This may seem like one of the less exciting presents, but everyone knows the couple who would love nothing more than a new yoga mat or weights. It is even better if they can do it together. Try a gift certificate to a rock climbing place or white water rafting.


The latest gadget tends to be the presents everyone wants, but not everyone treats themselves. Though you certainly want to check first, try purchasing a Kindle for the couple who loves to read or an iPad for the couple that travels constantly. Just make sure you keep the receipt or purchase a warranty in case something happens!


It is no longer gauche to gift money to a newly married couple. Most couples will appreciate any amount to help them start their new lives together. If you are worried about wrapping a present, a simple card will always do. There is no customary amount; just try and gauge based on your circumstances and that of the bride and groom.

Have fun this wedding season!

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