Designed by Dixon

Designed by Dixon

I am so excited to share Thomas Lee Sheets with you today! If you’ve been following along for a while, you know I’ve been searching for the best sheets…searching so hard that I was looking in estate sale linen closets. Well, the search is over because I found the best at Thomas Lee Sheets!


I lost track of how many sets of sheets I went through trying to find something that sleeps well. I tried the sateen, the bamboo, the high thread count….been there, done that. One day I finally asked my mom what I was missing and she said when she was growing up, percale was all there was and it was always soft and crisp. That’s when I started my search for percale sheets!

Percale is a special type of weave that gives the fabric enough body to allow air to flow between you and the sheet on top of you. That gives it the crispness the feels light, but the softness that’s luxurious. This element is so important to me because my husband is one of those people that just sleeps hot, and I wanted a sheet that felt soft and lasted forever. Percale gets better and better with each wash! Thomas Lee sheets are the answer!

Thread Count

Years ago I researched thread count after trying some sheets that were a very high thread count and not liking them. A super high thread count is basically a marketing ploy that makes you think the higher the better, but really you want lower. Lower thread count is actually softer! Thomas Lee’s percale is 250 thread count horizontal and 250 thread count vertical, giving the sheet a soft 500 thread count!

They Fit Well

When my husband and I were making the bed for the first time with the Thomas Lee Sheets, we were amazed at how well the fitted sheet fit the mattress. Previously, we would end up playing tug of war at opposite corners trying to get it over the mattress; not anymore! And the flat sheet is big, too! Y’all know how picky I am about the mattress being covered on all sides with the sheets (more about that struggle and my fave comforter here)! These sheets fully cover the height of the mattress and allow two individuals to be covered and not fight over the sheets!

As my husband said….”It’s like I finally discovered how comfortable clothes are once you go up a size, like an XL t-shirt. These finally fit our bed and are soooo soft.”


I grew up around cotton and knowing the importance of this fiber. To this day, I check a lot of my clothes cotton content because that’s how I know it will be soft and it’s of utmost importance that my towels and sheets and anything touching my skin is 100% cotton!

Thomas Lee Sheets supports over 5000 cotton farms in the US! The company is woman owned and manufactured, too!

You’re gonna love these sheets! I’m going back for additional pillowcases because I love extra pillows on the bed and would like to have a set of sheets that goes with all the pillows on the bed. I might even take a pair to be monogrammed! What a good gift! Oh these would make fantastic Christmas presents for family!

Many, many thanks to Thomas Lee for asking me to collaborate on a post. I’m so happy to have discovered these percale sheets and share them with you!

Caring for Your Sheets

The other thing I love about percale sheets is that it uses less detergent. To keep these soft, use 1/3 to 1/2 of the laundry detergent that you normally would. Too much can break down the fibers and leave a scratchy feeling. You also dry them on low heat and take them out when they are done. Putting them on the bed right after helps get that crisp feeling. Your sheets will be wrinkled and that’s a good thing! They’re soft and ready for your sweet dreams!


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