Caring for Down

Caring for Down

Down is a great investment. A down comforter is lightweight but warm and the pillows provide support without the weight. But confusion surrounds how to care for down products. Here are some expert tips to help.

You should not regularly wash down.

Down doesn’t like to get wet, and is difficult to dry. Unless it is soiled, it is best not to wash it more than 5-7 years!

In the worst-case scenario, or if it has been 5 years and your down comforter needs a cleaned, do not dry clean. Wash it in a machine without an agitator in cold water with mild detergent. Rinse well so that the detergent does not leave a filmy build-up as that can compromise the down.

Dry the down comforter in the dryer on the lowest setting and toss in a couple tennis balls to help fluff the comforter during the drying process. This process may take a few hours, but do not use a higher heat setting as the down can burn. If you cannot spare 3 to 4 hours in the dryer, get it as dry as you can in the dryer and then hang it outside on a warm, sunny day to complete the drying process.

If it is not soiled and you just want to freshen it a bit, you can air it out outside for an hour or so on a sunny day. You can also give it a shake once a week or so to reposition the down as needed. But Thomas Lee’s Hungarian Goose Down Comforter eliminates the need for that step completely. Its baffle box construction provides a stable, even distribution for the large cluster down, no fluffing or reshaping required. This extra fluffy and breathable comforter is also an all-season weight, reducing the pesky need to keep swapping out comforters as the seasons change.

Protect your investment.

Of course, the best way to protect and preserve your down investment is by a duvet cover.

Thomas Lee’s Cotton Percale Duvet Cover is a perfect complement to the Hungarian goose down comforter. The Hungarian Goose Down Pillows also come with protective 330 thread-count cotton covers.

These covers are washable and therefore extend the lives of the down products and eliminate the need for unnecessary washing and drying of the down items they cover.

Hopefully, these tips have illustrated that by making a few adjustments, down is easy to care for and a worthy investment toward your warmth, comfort and sleep in the new year.

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