Bedding Gift Guide 2022

Bedding Gift Guide 2022

Whether you are shopping for an allergy sufferer, a picky friend, a lover of luxury, or just that person that has everything, Thomas Lee Sheets has you covered.  Here is a quick and easy gift guide for all the shoppers on your list this holiday season.

Percale Sheets

Between sleeping, snuggling, watching TV, and more, much of our lives are spent in bed.  That’s why our percale sheets are the quintessentially perfect gift for anyone who owns a bed.  These sheets, in particular, are sure to please even the most discerning of sheet connoisseurs.  Made of the finest USA-grown Pima cotton, it is a medium-weight sheet with a cool and crisp hand feel but is still lightweight enough for hot sleepers.  Our percale sheets are woven with a durable percale weave to withstand washing and wearing like a dream.  Gift these on their own or with silk pillowcases to give the gift of good sleep this Christmas.

Down Alternative Pillows

Designed to look and feel like real down, Thomas Lee’s down alternative pillows are stuffed with the finest fibers and wrapped in a cotton cover.  These pillows are perfect for an allergy sufferer or someone who likes their home to have that 5-star-hotel look and feel.  Pair them with Thomas Lee’s down alternative comforter to achieve the ultimate coziness.

Down Alternative Comforter

Our down alternative comforter is perfect for an allergy sufferer or a loved one in a more temperate climate.  Filled with the finest hypoallergenic fibers, this comforter makes just the right loft for layering on colder nights.  It is also plush enough to enjoy on its own, but when paired with our percale sheets, your loved ones will feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.  Our down alternative comforter is slightly oversized, making it ideal for cozy times.  Did we mention it is machine washable?  This makes the comforter the perfect pairing of comfort and convenience.

Silk pillowcases

For the person who has everything, gift them a silk pillowcase.  Even if they have one, they will need this one.  Thomas Lee Sheets only uses the highest quality mulberry silk from one of the top silk manufacturers, 75 years running.  With the ultimate softness and luxury, these hypoallergenic pillowcases wick away moisture without drying your skin and hair.  A Silk Pillowcase is an absolute beauty sleep essential.  Due to the silky-smooth texture of silk, hair slides easily over it, resulting in less frizz and breakage, your skin can glide across it frictionless resulting in less tugging, wrinkling, and fine lines, and silk is less apt to absorb moisture from your skin.  It’s Hollywood’s best-kept secret!

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