Mattress Pads

Experience the Thomas Lee Difference

Perfect for all Mattresses

Many people find their memory foam beds to be hot. This is because when sleeping your body actually sinks into the foam which traps natural body heat. The perfect remedy is to cover a foam mattress with our 100% cotton mattress pad which provides a layer of 100% cotton comfort between you and your memory foam mattress.

Our 100% cotton mattress pads have 18″ jersey knit side panels with the finest quality elastic on all four sides to ensure an excellent fit on all mattresses – including today’s extra deep mattresses.

Finest 100% Cotton

Most mattress pads are made with cheap synthetic materials like polyester which trap body heat resulting in an uncomfortable, hot night’s sleep. Our ultra quality 100% cotton mattress pad provides natural softness and extraordinary sleeping comfort.

Pure Finish

Thomas Lee’s mattress pads contain no harsh, resin-based chemicals, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin.