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Perfectcale® 500 Thread Count

Does high thread count matter? Yes, but the type and quality of the yarn and how it’s woven are equally important. Thread count is the measured number of threads woven together in one square inch of fabric. As a rule, the higher the thread count, the finer the yarn in each square inch. Bed sheets of standard quality have thread counts of 150 to 300. Thomas Lee PerfectCale® bed linens are woven with an exceptionally high thread count of 500 with every inch woven from the strongest, most supple and lustrous single-ply yarn possible. Does thread count matter? Certainly if you are interested in sleeping on the best. Many other bed linens, including some from leading designer names, which claim high thread count are produced using an inferior sateen weave with four threads woven over one. Sateen bed sheets may have a pleasant feel initially, but after a few launderings the threads can begin to fray, causing the fabric to pill and take on a limp and coarse texture. Other high thread count sheets may use yarns that are plied together before weaving. This questionable practice results in not only a misleading overstatement of actual thread count, but creates a fabric made with lower quality yarn. The United States Federal Trade Commission has issued an opinion that this practice likely deceives consumers. In fact, sheets that claim thread counts of 1000 are generally made with yarn that has been plied as many as 4 TIMES. The real thread count is actually 250, half that of Thomas Lee bed linens. Like sateen weaves, bed linens made with plied yarn should be avoided. Thomas Lee cotton sheets and bed linens are woven from the world’s finest long staple cotton, single-ply yarn made in the highest quality traditional ring-spun process, and woven 500 threads to the square inch. Our PerfectCale® sheets actually become smoother and more luxurious with use and proper laundering, deepening the pleasure of your experience over time.

100% Finest Supima Cotton

Most bed linens of standard quality are made from a blend of polyester with cotton. In contrast, the world’s best bed linens start with the world’s best cotton. The simple fact is that no other fiber provides the natural softness and absorbency of cotton. Thomas Lee never uses blends of cotton and other fibers in its PerfectCale® bed linens. Cotton quality is primarily determined by the “staple” length, which is the length of the actual fibers in each cotton bloom. The longer the staple, the better the cotton. Egyptian cotton has been developed as a brand to denote cotton grown in Egypt. The ring-spun process we use in our bed linens requires cotton with the longest, strongest, and finest fibers available. While Egyptian cotton may be good quality cotton, the simple truth is it is not good enough for Thomas Lee PerfectCale® bed linens, which actually use Supima cotton, a superior quality of cotton that is grown in the southwestern United States.

Oversized Sheets

Today’s mattresses are getting thicker and thicker, ranging from 9″ to over 18″ deep. We make our top sheets considerably larger than most others to provide generous coverage on all mattresses including extra deep and pillow top mattresses. Our fitted sheets are made with extra deep pockets using the highest quality elastic completely encased in fabric all the way around. Unlike most other fitted sheets with elastic sewn directly on the bottom hem, our fitted sheets actually hugs all four sides of every mattress ensuring a snug fit all night long.

Ultra Fine Ring-Spun Yarn

Dressmaker Quality Sewing

Like your finest clothing, the best bed linens should be properly sewn. Most bed sheets and pillowcases are mass-produced on giant automatic machines that sew hems with 5 to 7 stitches per inch. This, of course, is the least expensive way to sew bed linens, but not nearly good enough for the best bed linens. Every hem on a Thomas Lee cotton bed sheet and pillowcase is sewn by a highly skilled craftsman, with 12 stitches per inch, and with the same detail found in a fine quality dress shirt. Thomas Lee’s sewing technique not only provides a beautiful, finished appearance but creates extra strong hems that will never fray or come unstitched. You will notice and appreciate the difference.

Pure Finish


Full 90 Night Guarantee

Thomas Lee guarantees that every product we sell will exceed your highest expectations. All Cotton Sheets, Pillowcases, Duvet Covers, and Pillow Shams We offer a full 90-night guarantee on all of our cotton sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and pillow shams. We want you to experience how our 100% Supima cotton PerfectCale® fabrics get softer and more luxurious with every washing. Simply use and launder your Thomas Lee sheets in accordance with the care instructions. If you do not agree these 100% cotton sheets and pillowcases are the finest you have ever owned, return them to us within 90 nights after the date of purchase for a full refund of your purchase price. All Other Products We offer a full 30-night guarantee on our bath products, blankets, down comforters, down pillows, and bamboo products.