Bamboo Sheets & Pillowcases

Experience the Thomas Lee Difference

Alternative to 100% Cotton

Thomas Lee’s luxury bamboo sheets use strong and amazingly soft 100% bamboo and are an alternative to cotton for those customers looking for ultra soft, silk-like comfort.

Made from Renewable Resources

Bamboo is one of the world’s most renewable resources, found throughout the world’s temperate and tropical climate zones. Bamboo requires less resources (cultivation, fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation) to grow, is self-propagating, and is known in some regions to grow as much as two feet or more per day.

Extraordinary Quality Details

Bamboo sheets and pillowcases from Thomas Lee are woven 250 threads per square inch, which provides for a medium-weight sheet that is comfortable in any climate.

Our bamboo sheets are tightly woven with a “balanced” weave where the same number of threads are woven together in both the warp and fill directions. Many people refer to this as a “percale” weave.  The resulting fabric is incredibly strong and durable.

Most other bamboo sheets are woven with an inferior, cheap sateen weave where four threads are woven over one. A sateen sheet quickly pills and disintegrates with use. Thomas Lee bamboo sheets are guaranteed to never pill.

Top hems and pillowcase cuffs sewn with sherry stitch.

Easy Care

Bamboo sheets from Thomas Lee are easy to care for. They are machine-washable, naturally wrinkle-resistant, and generally require little or no ironing.

Pure Finish

Our bamboo sheets have a pure finish.  They are not treated with harsh resins during the finishing process – perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Made to Fit Your Mattress

Thomas Lee’s bamboo fitted sheets have 15-inch deep pockets and are made with the highest quality elastic sewn all the way around the bottom hem of the fitted sheet (not just at the corners). This provides an excellent fit on most mattresses. We also make our flat sheets and pillowcases over-sized to ensure an excellent fit on any bed.