The Importance Of Cleaning Your Bedding

July 16, 2015

We spend close to 3,000 hours in our bed each year, so it’s important that we keep this area clean and germ-free. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of washing bedding regularly; it is vital to our health and well-being. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of unwanted specimens lurking around our bed sheets that you may not even know existed. After we highlight all things that might be festering in your bed, we can almost guarantee it will become second nature to routinely wash bedding and sheets.


What’s Hiding in Your Sheets?

Dust Mites – Dust mites are microscopic bugs that feed on organic detritus (aka our dead skin cells). They inevitably invade our beds due to the fact that we shed close to a million skin cells daily. Dust mites become the dangerous culprits of asthma or even lowered immune systems.

Sweat – Even if you’re one who keeps your room at frigid temperatures, your body is bound to emit sweat throughout the night.

Body Fluids and Oils – Anything from saliva to urine and other bodily fluids can end up on your sheets. Those who are sexually active are more prone to have bodily fluids present.

Food Particles – Let’s face it: eating in bed is fun. We’re all guilty of it at times, and unfortunately, any food will leave crumbs. Food attracts bugs.

Animal Hair – Pet hair can accumulate in your sheets which can lead to allergies and unwanted coughing.


How Often Should You Wash?

Have we convinced you of the importance yet? Ideally, one should wash their sheets once a week, but we understand that this is hard amidst a busy life. If you for some reason you don’t get around to washing every week, ensure you wash bedding every other week. Once a month simply won’t cut it. This includes pillow cases as well. Did you know you should wash your actual pillows 2-3 times a year? Pillows are guilty of harboring mold and bacteria.


How to Wash Your Bedding:

Believe it or not, there is a certain process to follow for getting the optimal wash of all your bedding. First and foremost, follow manufacturer’s instructions because different types of bedding yield different washing instructions.

Sheets: Wash your sheets separately from clothes or other linens to avoid fuzziness.

Duvets: High quality down comforters should be taken to a trusted commercial laundry with proven experience laundering down comforters and bed pillows. Once dry, hang it and allow it to air for a day before putting it back on your bed. This ensures all filling is dry and won’t mold. Duvets should be pulled off the mattress and shaken out daily.

Mattresses: People often forget the importance of maintaining their mattress. You should routinely turn your mattress for general damage-control. Also, vacuum your mattress monthly to remove mites and other unwanted particles. It’s a good idea to strip your bed completely and let your mattress breathe if you happen to be gone for an extended period of time. Finally, utilize a mattress protector and make sure this is washed as well.

It’s imperative that you make washing your bedding a staple in your life. Take 1-2 hours a week to wash all linens to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy sleeping environment. Failure to do so can be detrimental to your health. You’ve taken the time to purchase luxury sheets and create the most comfortable sleeping quarters imaginable, so keep everything tidy and fresh!