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Sleeping Well: A Few of Elizabeth’s Favorite Things

October 8, 2019

It’s almost time for raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, so Elizabeth thought she’d share a few of her favorite things!  Maybe this will inspire your holiday gift-giving or offer you inspiration for a little retail therapy.  ‘Tis the season … almost!

Elizabeth’s Five Favorite Thomas Lee Products

1. Percale Cotton Sheets. These are my absolute favorite sheets and the only sheets I use on my bed. Pete, my husband, sleeps like an oven, and our percale sheets are the only sheets that keep both of us at just the right temperature for the night.  I also love the indestructible elegance of them.  They’re what I put on my bed and my children’s beds.  The kids can roll around in them, build blanket forts and then I can smooth them back out, and they look great.

2. All-Season Hungarian Down Comforter. I love a layered bed. I tell everyone, including hot sleepers, layers are the key to comfort! Layers don’t have to mean heat; if you choose wisely, they mean comfort. That’s why I love the all-season Hungarian down comforter.  It’s thick and lofty without being heavy and hot.

3. Down Alternative Coverlet. I start with the percale sheets, then I add my down comforter, and on top of that I layer a down alternative coverlet.  Believe it or not, I don’t stop with sheets, a down comforter, and a blanket!  I throw a Bristol coverlet on top of all that! It’s like the ice cream on top of a warm brownie; not necessary, but absolutely indulgent! (Can’t you just picture yourself all snuggled down in those layers, at the perfect temperature, with just the tip of your nose sticking out?)

The trick to sleeping at a comfortable temperature is to pick high quality, breathable bed linens.  Pete is always hot, I’m always a little chilly, and we’re both able to sleep comfortably.  Even when the kids sleep with us we’re all still comfortable.

4. The Granny Blanket. My Granny blanket is the first thing I reach for when I settle in with a good book or for a Netflix binge. I’ve also been known to throw it around my shoulders and roast a s’more or two!  It’s warm, and it’s soft, it’s generously sized so your feet or shoulders aren’t freezing and, the best part, it’s machine washable.  With kids and dogs, machine washable is a must in my house!   It’s also my go-to gift for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.  I’ve given my mother-in-law, college roommate, and the children’s babysitter the Granny, and they’ve all raved.

5. An Extra Set of Pillowcases. It may seem blah on the surface, but have you ever tried sleeping with two pillows? Now that I’ve tried it, I can’t sleep without them. I always wake up with a kink in my neck, so I love that an extra set of pillowcases affords me that little indulgence of a second pillow. Plus, extra pillows are perfect for reading in bed.

Now you know my secret to happiness;  I channel my inner Julie Andrews, and “when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so baaaaaad!”

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