The Timeless Collection

Our timeless best-selling percale is cool, crisp, and gets softer with every wash. The elevated elegance of our Timeless Collection is everything you for your best night’s sleep with our best-selling and award-winning percale bedding.

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What is percale?

Crisp and cool, our percale sheets and pillowcases are made from the 100% finest American-grown Supina cotton and woven into an industry-leading 500 thread count. The word percale doesn’t refer to a type of fabric, but to a kind of weave used to make fabric. Percale sheets are made using a tightly woven one-under-one-over pattern, like the lattice on top of a pie.

In fact, we’re so particular about our percale that once a year Thomas Lee’s manufacturing partner creates a special loom just to make our percale bedding. Our looming process creates a percale weave that has a smooth texture on both sides of the fabric, so it’s no surprise that many people describe Thomas Lee’s percale as hotel quality. Pure finished without harsh chemicals and ethically made, percale bedding is timeless and sure to leave you feeling well-rested and energized.

30 Nights Guaranteed

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our most comfortable and softest percale sheets, simply return your product for an easy exchange or complete refund – no questions asked!


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