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Naturally Pure Percale Sheets

October 13, 2018

Isn’t it frustrating how hard it is to find a luxury set of percale sheets that won’t irritate your sensitive skin? I mean, people with sensitive skin have needs too! Well, here at Thomas Lee, we understand, 100% and we hear you loud and clear. That’s why, our percale sheets are made with a pure finish.

We’ve all heard (and even experienced) horror stories where people buy a set of sheets and the poor quality caused an allergic reaction. Nobody has time to deal with an allergic reaction from their sheets. Your bed should be your retreat at the end of the day and your cozy cocoon at the start of each day. With our percale sheets, your bed will be both of those things.

“Manufacturers treat sheets with chemicals to impart characteristics such as stain and wrinkle resistance,” explained Thomas Lee Sheets owner, Elizabeth Zook. “These resins remain in the fabric and some of them are pretty harsh.  Many have formaldehyde as a component, which can not only cause skin irritation but it can “off-gas” into the home atmosphere and cause breathing problems in sensitive individuals.”


Chemicals and Sheets Just Don’t Mix

Chemicals in your sheets that you cuddle up with every night? Come on! Chemicals don’t belong in sheets. Additionally, another unfortunate characteristic of resin treated fabrics is they lose the coolness, softness and breathability inherent in an all-cotton fabric. Yes, we know it’s hard to believe but it’s true! They also tend to not wear as well or last as long as untreated fabrics. You deserve better. You deserve our classic percale sheets that provide unmatched comfort and long-lasting durability.

“At Thomas Lee we choose not to treat our bedding fabrics with chemical resins,”

stated Elizabeth. “Thomas Lee sheets and pillowcases have what is referred to as a “pure” finish.   For us, quality and lasting comfort are paramount.  It’s The Thomas Lee Difference.”

It’s time to treat yourself and invest in our percale sheets which you can buy here. You can rest easy (and comfortably!) each night knowing that our percale sheets were not treated with harsh resins during the finishing process. Don’t sacrifice comfort or quality when it comes to your cotton sheets. Rely on Thomas Lee to provide the highest quality cotton bedding that you can trust. It’s what we do.