Why 500 Thread Count?

July 15, 2015

If you did not already know, Thomas Lee sheets are woven with a 500 thread count. 500 thread count is specially chosen for crispness and softness. But first, what is thread count?

Thread count is the number of yarn threads in each square inch. The finer the yarn, the higher the count within that inch. Thomas Lee uses finer threads, to ensure a true 500 thread count.

Some companies deceive consumers by plying yarns together, or by weaving 4 threads over one. These practices result in sheets that are less comfortable, and poor quality. Unlike these sheets, Thomas Lee’s weaving practices and thread count ensure comfortable sheets that get more luxurious overtime.

The feel of the sheet, which is referred to by manufacturers as the “hand,” is often determined by thread count. A higher true count made with exceptional 100% Pima cotton yarn creates a luxurious hand, though too high of a count achieved with inferior plied yarns often produces a limp or “raggy” feeling bed sheet.

So, next time you are at a cocktail party or talking to a friend, you can know a little more about true thread count!