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Duvet Cover vs. Comforter: What is the Difference?

November 21, 2018

Creating the perfect sleep getaway with your Thomas Lee Sheets can be a work of art. You have our most comfortable cotton sheets and the fluffiest pillows, but then you get to the comforter and the duvet cover and you’re left scratching your head. What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet cover?

“This is one of the top questions we receive,” says Elizabeth Zooks, CEO of Thomas Lee Sheets. “Some people wonder if they can use the duvet cover by itself or if they need to have a comforter as well.”

Here at Thomas Lee Sheets, we break it all down for you so you can put together a bed that’s so inviting and so comfortable… we apologize in advance for the number of times you’ll hit the snooze button.


What is the difference between a comforter cover and a duvet cover?

To make it simple, the word “duvet” comes from the French word “down” and in the United States we mostly refer to duvets as comforters. So basically you can translate a “duvet cover” into a “comforter cover.”

A comforter is bedding that can be filled with down, feathers, wool or silk and laid on top of your sheets. At Thomas Lee Sheets, we have a variety of comforters that are white down, Hungarian goose down, down alternative and natural silk. It can be used with or without a duvet cover.

The duvet cover is pretty much a pillowcase for your comforter. It keeps your comforter clean, and is also easy to throw in the laundry if you need to quickly freshen your bed. Our duvet covers add a touch of luxury and softness to any bedroom.


Thomas Lee Sheets explains the difference between a comforter and duvet cover while you're putting together your bed.


Can you use a duvet cover by itself?

A duvet cover typically is not used by itself. If you don’t fill it with a comforter, it’s basically a flat sheet with buttons on the bottom of it. It also won’t create that fluffy, soft look that we all want while putting together your perfect escape for a comfy night’s snooze.


What’s the best way to put a duvet cover on?

Now putting on a duvet cover can get a little frustrating, especially when you’re doing it alone! There are several ways to do it, but this one is pretty simple if you’re doing it by yourself.

Putting on a duvet cover:

  • Lay your duvet cover inside out.
  • Put your comforter on top of the duvet cover.
  • Start at the end that doesn’t have a button or a zipper, starting rolling the two together. Think of it as a duvet cover and comforter sushi roll or burrito (whatever you’re in the mood for that day).
  • Once you get to the end, reach into the duvet cover and grab the ends and pull them through, (like when you use a sandwich bag or trash bag to pick something up off the ground with your hands and you pull it through and tie it up).
  • Then you pull the rest of the duvet cover through and start unrolling.
  • Button or zipper up the end, give it a little fluff and you’re done!

Another advantage to having a duvet cover is it allows you to change the look of your bed instantly. Maybe in the summer you’re feeling tropical, so you can have some blue or yellow patterns. Then in the winter you can change your bedroom look to incorporate some holiday colors or a beautiful, clean, pure white.

Our Thomas Lee Sheets duvet covers are made with 100% US grown Pima cotton and add a touch of luxury and softness to your bedroom. If you would like to feel for yourself, you can request a free swatch. You can also try out our duvet covers for 30 nights. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return for an easy exchange.

We hope that this helps you settle any confusion you may have had between a comforter cover, a comforter and a duvet cover.